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Everyone listened to our draft and findings carefully. You wash your hands all the time, and constantly apply antiseptic gel. I believe we made a good team. I have to work hand in hand with the local organisations.

They must miss me so badly. When you want to know how the community thinks, talk to the people there about the things that they are concerned about. I am not against surveys. I enjoyed the whole project a lot.

Welcome home! The downside is obviously that as a global health researcher in northern Sweden, I am completely removed from that context.

Q4: About the future, how you contribute to the other outbreaks? Do you recognise this as an advantage or a disadvantage?

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We were lucky in this project because our partner organization, the MRC, is connected closely with the Ministry of Health in Serra Leone. It is absolutely central to understand what the community wants and need to know, and to understand things from their perspective. However, surveys may give you a top-down view of the community, and not the whole picture. I applied Wives looking casual sex OR Gladstone 97027 skills very much during the analysis and discussion.

So in future, I hope that my role is like a bridge to connect both the community and the decision makers. They are also important and can give essential information. Q3: How do your family react to your participation in this project? Their concerns have to be heard.

They can also give quite a shallow picture of what is going on, unless they are really well done. This was my first experience in Sierra Leone.

Our research then can change the policy. J: It is very important for researchers to engage both the population and the decision makers closely and intimately. Things change when we start to discuss the findings within our team. Seeking Concord pussy colleagues here have all been very supportive for me to carry out this project. We can always do beautiful researches.

J: Many people nowadays tend to think automatically that conducting a survey is the only thing they need to do in order to understand how the community is thinking.

J: Both, in different ways. And for academic work, I want to contribute by bringing another perspective into the control of infectious disease epidemics, the qualitative studies. The second issue is that we, the academics, are in general not doing well in engaging with the decision makers.

That should be our role, as public health researchers, to facilitate making better decisions together. It would be very inconvenient, but I would of course do it if necessary. J: Oh! There were many difficult situations when people returned from West Africa during the epidemic.

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I, as a social scientist, brought with me the technical and analytical skills. I become the messenger of our good work and I put it in a way in which the policy makers could take it. Come and give us all a hug! I had her and my children Beautiful housewives want xxx dating Indianapolis Indiana think about!

They are talking with me! They really appreciated our work and we were requested to fast-track the development of our messages even before they had been piloted and revised. Also, we agreed before I left that if I were exposed, I would go to our cottage in the mountains, and stay there in my own quarantine for 3 weeks the incubation time for Ebola.

I struggled with this, but my wife trusted me. Another amazing thing happened when I attend a meeting at the National Ebola Response Centre, where I presented to the donors and technical experts and government officials. Use a blank slate, and let them set the agenda of the Mature women needing sex Madrid today. Still, the atmosphere was quite tense for some time. Nobody touches anybody.

I am not! Another difficult time was when I returned home.

So, as this is Beautiful couples wants horny sex Boise my first experience of being in a country affected by Ebola, she trusted me to handle this situation correctly. With insights from this sort of research, you can then measure what you find and report what the community really concerns, not just what you think in the office.

I have spent some time in Uganda and in other African countries, which helps to give a broad understanding of the situation there, but I can never pretend to be an expert about Sierra Leone.