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11 March 9, sports NFL the most popular American (United States occupation football) the new season will be officially started, the most Chinese fan favorite Super Bowl Champions the new England patriots home court against powerhouse Pittsburgh steelers. we found that from sports celebrities, film stars to business people, a lot of celebrities are NFL fans. The industry giant, Wang Shi, is a fan of rugby. In addition to popularizing Rugby knowledge on his micro-blog, he also appeared on the Super Bowl 2013 to watch the Super Bowl competition between Baltimore crows and the 49 men in San Francisco. , a famous musician and talk show host Gao Xiaosong, has also repeatedly said that he is a super football player of the rugby and highly praised for his unpredictable football tactics. CCTV NBA commentator and marathon enthusiast Yu Jia (micro-blog) are also an iron fan of NFL. national football players Gao Lin and Wang Dalei (micro-blog) data) are also passionate about NFL and rugby, and experience another "football" during the NFL weekend. recently, Angelababy was exposed to a photo of the legendary star of the New York giants, Manning 10, on social media. is not only domestic, but NFL's star fans are innumerable in the world, and almost every NFL team has one of the most famous big fans. "emperor" Lebron James is a NFL super fan. The Dallas cowboy fans once said that in addition to basketball, t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he most favorite event is NFL. He has been on the spot to cheer for the team. Manning is not only the Angelababy idol is NBA superstar Kobe's idol, proud of God, NFL Star sincerely convinced, he once said to Manning: "every time you see the game, feel ready enough." in the Olympic swimming history record "flying fish" Phelps Baltimore as the crow team loyal, also wearing a shirt ran into the stadium to cheer, the fish often in social media and crow team account interaction, to express their views on the game. C Ronaldo (micro-blog data), Messi (micro-blog blog data) two number one is full of passion for football. Messi in the NFL League superstar JJ- Watt side is innocent girl famousthe new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in football achievements certainly impressive, but if Montreal Expo that successfully signed him, he may never enter the super bowl. and the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson), Brady was also expected to enter the occupation baseball field. The Montreal Expo selected the left - handed catcher in the eighteenth round of the 1995 draft, hoping that he would not go to University of Michigan. On the contrary, Brady chose the University, and later he was selected by the new England patriots in the sixth round of the NFL show, and the next is history. But encouraged him to try to attract Expo baseball scouts believe that he can lead to the super bowl 6 times quality can also let him shine on the baseball field. "I think he would have been a professional baseball player," the senior scout John - Hughes (John Hughes) told the MLB website. "He has all the qualities. He can throw the ball with the power of his left hand. There is no reason to believe that he will become a big league catcher. Brady was a promising baseball player at Serra high school, the school also produced the famous players Barry - Bangs (Barry Bonds) and Greg Jeffries (Gregg Jefferies). "if I sign him, I'll destroy NFL history," Hughes said. "To this day, in my career as a scout, Tom was still the most impressive high school player I've ever seen. He was the man, the way he made his progress. What you see now is obviously more mature. But he didn't change much. He had these qualities. " Hughes also said: "he is a good man. He is a good man in his family. I always say, it was the most fun summer, and I tried to sign a man who didn't sign it at the end. " patriots coach Bill - Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) certainly glad he did not succeed.2015-2016 season NFL playoff match and opening time NFL kicks off the playoffs star network news regular season curtain, NFL CEO Roger goeldel, announced today that the playoffs wild card round will be in Beijing held in January 10th and 11th, while the regional Championship will be held in January 17th and 18th. January 11th 2:05 Seattle Seahawks @ Minnesota Vikings 5:40 Green Bay Packer @ Washington Red January 10th 5:35 the chief of Kansas City @ Houston, Houston, 9:15 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati tigers January 11th 2:05 Seattle Seahawks @ Minnesota Vikings 5:40 Green Bay Packer @ Washington Red January 17th 5:35 high rank victory @ New England patriot 9:15 high ranking team wins the Arizona Cardinals @ January 18th 2:05 low CIS winning team @ Black Panther 5:40 low CIS winner @ Denver wild horse January 25 4:05 United States Championships 7:40 National Championships finals, the League of nations and the AP will be the number one seed in each division in the lowest position against the promotion team.In the base of | first "growth space Cup" national Softball Championship success. September 12th, sponsored by the China Softball Association, Beijing Training Center hosted Chinese growth space, NCAA baseball and softball branch, Beijing North China University of Technology co organized the first growth space Cup National Softball Championship this morning over all the matches and the award ceremony, so far, the Grand Prix ended. The awards calendar time of three days, the team in the game fighting, solidarity, competition strength, match, harvest their own achievements. The award ceremony was carried out at about 11 a.m. At the closing ceremony, the chief referee announced the result of the competition. primary school: Henan experimental school Zheng Dong primary school won the first place, Beijing Xidan primary school got second, Beijing eight Li Zhuang Central Primary School received third teams. middle school group: the first group in Beijing Institute of Technology attached middle school, the Second Affiliated to Yuxin School of Capital Normal University in Beijing, and third from seventh middle school in Tianjin. group: the Beijing Special Olympics Peizhi Central School in Dongcheng District was the first place in Beijing City, Chaoyang District Annwa school in second, special education school of Beijing city Pinggu District third. won the best coach award from the team champion, and some of the players who did well in this grand prix won the individual individual award. Deputy director of the China softball Softball Association Committee Yuan Xian at the closing ceremony said, after this game, I believe there must be more children in love with the sport when they understand the essence of the softball, baseball and softball are determined to go on the road the backbone fixed target, this group of talented, Ken to dare to struggle, the children will be a great impetus to the development of China baseball career in the future. China Softball Association Secretary General Yang Xu presented the award for the winning team and announced the closing of the Grand Prix.

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