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now only one of the quarterback in the new England patriot array that qualifies for the start of the campaign season. According to the ESPN news, on Monday morning, the Patriot unexpectedly told the quarterback Matt Flynn (Matt Flynn) that he would be cut off. this means that at present only in the array when the Patriots quarterback season the first four games of the suspended Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and Jimmy Gallo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo). The may leave Flynn and his hamstring injury, the injury that he started training camp in the non football injury list. The Patriot may return to him when he is healthy enough to play. At present, we can expect to see a lot of Caroline Baltic performance in the pre-season game. , but obviously the Patriots will sign at least one quarterback soon, so that the new quarterback can make a debut in the first battle of Thursday's pre-season. But according to ESPN, the new quarterback candidate is former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley). the last time we see Lindley, he was the Cardinals 16-27 lost to 2 passes in the playoffs by the Carolina Panthers and was sacked 4 steals. He made 16 successful passes 28 times in this game. Last season he started 2 games for the cardinals and substitute a. He has a succe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ss rate of only 48.4% in these appearances. In the 2012 season he played 4 games for the Cardinals starting. patriot, of course, hope that Linley will not play any games for them in this season, but Lin Dali's experience last year reminded us that the plan couldn't catch up with the change. If the Brady ban is maintained in the absence of accidental need to participate in training and Patriots quarterback in the regular season early as Garo Baltic bench.The official website of NFL | running back Blount to leave early by the Steelers rugby | layoffs Le (LeGarrette Blount) - Blount GalAT Monday night without leaving he lost his job. Pittsburgh Steelers announced on Tuesday that Blount cut. The layoffs from Monday night in Nashville, the Steelers defeated the Tennessee Titans team after the game the running backs off alone only less than a day. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said in a statement: we believe that cut Blount's decision is the maximum protection the interests of the team, but also wish him good luck. Blount has rushed the ball Monday on the bench, but watched the whole leviant - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) 33 red ball under the occupation career high 204 yards. NFL media reported that as the team returned to the lounge, Blount had been dressed and ready to go to the team's bus. NFL Eyre Bert Brill official media (Albert Breer) in Blount was laid off after the Steelers asked the reason, the reply is selfish. , and if a team picked him off, would spend $317 thousand and 600 in the season and his salary of $2 million in the 15 season (not guaranteed wages). Blount obviously had no friends in the dressing room, so it wouldn't be too hard to cut him out. And give him the right opportunity, he is a good player, such as last season's contribution to the playoffs of the new England patriots, but he has now let two teams give him the chance to be the first season to complete the record's ram, coach Sean McVeigh (Sean McVay) this offseason less self introduction and integration work. This means that he can spare his spare time to do something more important. plans this year with quarterback Jared McVeigh - GF (Jared Goff) to strengthen ties. Cooperation on the season two person let macwhite believe next season will be better, but the premise is that he wants to cultivate their relationship with the quarterback using "chance". is not only a butt quarterback docking, but also to strengthen the tactical layout quarterback docking, which is the key to our strengthening ties and also helps to enhance the existing ties. McVey said, "and your 'men' confidence has become more and more important. After a year of adapting to the new environment, I know how to get the quarterback to play in his most comfortable environment and, of course, to listen to the coach. " When the existing coaching staff of the rams remain unchanged, the responsibilities of some of the staff will be transferred. Shane Wald (Shane Waldron) will serve as the long pass coordinator and tight ends coach Zach - Taylor (Zac Taylor) will serve as the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator.The official website of NFL | experts suggest jamthe Winston don't participate in advance | football draft last week, NFL's official website Jielimai expert Daniel (Daniel Jeremiah) said in the "all-weather" college football program, last season's Heisman winner jamthe (Heisman) - Winston (Jameis Winston) shall remain in Florida State University to play rather than for the NFL draft next year, in order to save himself has broken apart the image of. jumped to the table and shouted abuse when he was in a school meeting. Winston was banned from attending the first half of Saturday's competition between Clemson University and Florida. But after the violation of the ban in the warm-up before the game cannot wear the outfit, even in the second half Winston qualification has been canceled. Though Fisher, the coach of Jimbo, explained that the coach team and the equipment department failed to communicate in time, it led Winston to wear a warm-up, but this argument was somewhat weak for the NFL team members. The Fisher team was not able to communicate with each other. , a NFL scout, said in an interview: I'm not sure he is a tumor now, but it looks as if he's going in that direction. If you choose him as the core quarterback team, you have to always mark him on the sidelines of offenders, of which Andrew (Andrew Luck) - soliciting and Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) who is not possible. , another scout, said: he was just as childish as a child. I think he really need to stay in College for a year or two years, cultivate your self-control, to prove himself not offenders. Winston as the players are no doubt a genius, last season, winning the national championship and Heisman, double harvest individual and team honor. Many of his relatives, friends and brokers hope that he can enter NFL early and develop his career. But if he can't regulate himself and continue to make mistakes in his personal behavior, more and more people will advise him to stay in school.

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