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The official website of NFL | Robert - Griffin III five potential home | football Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) announced that Kirk - Cousins in the local time on Monday (Kirk Cousins) will become the team during the regular season starting quarterback, the decision also represents the basic red has been on the Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III). In fact, since Griffin entered the league, the team has not been able to give him support and adequate, but in his three season in successive years largely reactionary trend has let people sigh, his rookie season total score as high as +31.6 and winning the best new year offensive show, after entering the second grade Griffin Sans the state began to decline, the total score of only -3.4, while the last season is even worse, the total score only too horrible to look at -17.2. , but Griffin III still showed some above average performances in competitions, such as his passing accuracy and so on. So if he can take the role of substitutes, he will still have a good market in the league. But his current contract situation makes it difficult for him to be traded. So Griffin's third team' cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s joining other teams is basically a free agent signing. Now let's see what teams are the potential home of Griffin III. Atlanta: Falcon Falcon has star quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) to do the first card, but only substitute less reassuring TJ- Yates (T.J.Yates), Sean Lanfuli (Sean Renfree) and Rex Grossman (Rex Grossman). The falcons offensive coordinator Kell Hill (Kyle Shanahan) - who request attack system on the quarterback is not high and the pressure is, and Griffin Sans had previously worked on both sides of the mountain, has a deep understanding of. In addition, Yates's performance in the pre - season is not satisfactory. The pre season total score is only -5.2 points, and it is difficult to be a qualified substitute. Baltimore: crow crow is also having a core quarterback but the lack of reliable backup, the backup quarterback Matt crow (Matt Schaub), bu Shao Shao cloth after the 2012 season is unable to get up after a fall over the past two seasons, showing a disaster. In addition the crow offensive coordinator is good at training quarterback Mark known for - tres Terman (Marc Trestman), if he will join Griffin III, from Treister Man to learn a lot of experience. Cleveland Brown: Brown's quarterback is not in a red skin now, so Griffin would even have a chance to start again if he joined. The first Josh - 〉The official website of NFL | pony and general manager Grigson until the 2017 season of rugby | Indianapolis pony ensures that general manager Ryan Grigson is able to stay in the team. NFL official network reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to a source of information, said that the horse had been renewed with Grieg until 2019. Team owner Jim irsay (Jim Irsay) earlier this month that the renewal plan. spent an unpleasant 2015 season despite the manager's Chuck Pagano and Grieg Sen. Yel say Pagano has won a renewal for Grigson. Pagano renewed his contract with the team about four years ago about a month ago. As El El said, the two people are tied up in terms of contract. pony ended the 2015 season with 8 - 8 and held eighteenth talent shows in this year's draft.The official website of NFL | giant safety. Believe there is still hope | football playoffs , for fans who are familiar with the New York giants, the playoffs of Ann Terrell Rolle Antrel Rolle seem to have become a regular program of every season. Let's go back to 2012, when the giant in November with 6 wins and 4 losses in the top division. Rolle told the media that the giant could win all the rest of the game and enter the playoffs as No. 1. In October 2013, the giants opened 0 - 4, and Rolle was confident that the team had the ability to win 12 games. on Tuesday, local time, Rolle once again published his views on the issue. Asked whether the team could squeeze into the playoffs with 9 - 7, Rolle said: in my mind, there is no suspense. No matter whether Rolle's confidence is groundless and meaningful, we have to admit that he is a very good captain. He is good at mobilizing his teammates and, regardless of the team's performance, he is full of confidence in his teammates. from the perspective of competition, the giants will encounter Jacksonville Jaguar, Tennessee Titan, Washington red skin and Saint Louis ram in the remaining 6 matches. Maybe they can win more victories, but they want to keep the chance of winning the whole. On the other hand, even if Rolle did, 9 - 7 is hard to help them into the playoffs.Kevin White (Kevin White)'s NFL career failed to start a smooth start. The Chicago bear announced on Wednesday that they put the first round show off the injury reserve list. White suffered a fracture of the left leg fibula and a high ankle sprain during a match against the Detroit lion. 's general manager, Ryan Pace, said surgery was one of White's options. If he is healed, he can return in eight weeks. The first round show Kell Fowler (Kyle Fuller) has been put in the injury reserve list before. Only one player on each team can return from the list of injuries. After missing the entire rookie season with a tibial stress fracture last year, was another hit for White. His latest fracture has nothing to do with the fracture that led to his newcomer season's reimbursement. The news of made the bear fans sad. White was the best player in his career and then she was suffering from injuries. He finished 6 shots to get 55 yards before the last match. White was finally able to perform tough while catching the ball and was able to get rid of the defender. The role of White has been increasing for the past two weeks. but he can't continue to grow up when he is recovering.

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