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even-even soccer equipment network Adidas back to the legendary Predator football shoes this month, there appeared together with Predator Ultimate goalkeeper gloves. In order to celebrate the rebirth of Adidas's top goalkeeper gloves, Predator , Ultimate, the three bars are also painstaking. For this reason, a black gold matching with football shoes has been launched. Show the picture is the Adidas 3, anti-collision design finger, to achieve a more effective resistance impact at the same time hitting football. The wrist bandagerunning back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) said the whole week in his sprained left ankle won't let him out of the next Sunday night game against New York giants. In the Peterson Friday after returning to training, he seems ready to play. Peterson took part in Friday's training after missing the first two sessions of the week, and he was listed as a possible battle. Peterson was injured in the second quarter of the l cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ast game, and then he returned in the third quarter. The source said the examination showed that his ankle was not damaged. Peterson said on Wednesday that he was confident that he would be able to play in the game, if the victorious Vikings could continue to have a chance to hit the league's northern champions. If in this week's game in Atlanta is the Seattle Seahawks Falcon lose or win, the Vikings can ensure the playoffs, and if the Green Bay Packers negative Arizona Cardinals, both the Vikings winning the final and not have the opportunity to impact the division title. Team coach Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said that if the Vikings in the Sunday night before the game had secured into the playoffs and still have a chance to hit division champions, he will consider some of the injured players truce, but he said he would not allow all players to rest: "I have already made plans, if they are ready play, let them play."now looks like Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) and Dallas Cowboys did not have any fate. , according to YAHOO sports journalist Charles - Robinson (Charles Robinson), the cowboy is not in the process of negotiating with Griffin Sans. Dallas morning news reporter Brandon - Georgia (Brandon George) agree with the news, it is reported that the current hope to obtain a cowboy veteran quarterback as the team's bench, like the colt - Mccoy (Colt McCoy) or Zeiss Daniel (Chase Daniel) that a player, so Griffin and cowboy is obviously not what possibility. for Griffin he was 26 years old, he is hoping to get a competition for a starting job, rather than sitting on the bench at Toni Romo (Tony Romo).Bowling | Longmarch bowling 2015 Series tournament finals will be 18:30 on the evening of December 19th annual season welcome golfers to enroll The 2015 Series tournament Longmarch Bowling Association competition aim: to promote bowling and provide a platform for Chinese and foreign bowling enthusiasts to compete and communicate. match time: monthly / quarter: third Saturday at 19:30 every month (March, June, 9 is the season): the annual Finals: December 19, 2015 evening 18:30 (12 monthly competition time is the annual finals time) Venue: , 288 Minhang gymnasium, Minhang District New Town Road, Shanghai qualification and registration fee: month: 100 yuan / person time. Anyone can compete. Season: 120 yuan / person time. Anyone can compete. Annual final: 400 yuan / person time. Anyone can compete. Which participate in the open 5 (inclusive) above, the registration fee of 350 yuan / person. The registration fee is 300 yuan per person or more than 8 times in this open contest. competition rules: contestants sign up and leave the contact way. An added player needs to show a valid identity card. In the competition, the switch wheel is used to open the foul. Draw a draw to determine the race track. If the ball is displaced, reset the bottle. The ball is not valid after the ball has gone out of the ball. The bottle is not valid when the machine is touched by the machine. The other rules refer to the rules of the FIQ competition. The 4 games total score system is adopted in the month and season. The annual final adopts the total score system of 6 games. Women and men aged 60 and 18 years old, plus 6 points per game. (according to my valid identity document). The single board is added to 210 points. with decision: if there is a tie, plus times, plus the difference is not small before the column, then equal one off. late and midway exit are regarded as automatic abandonment. The competition can not be changed in the course of the competition, otherwise the score will not be included in the record of the competition. Oil drop standard: Kegel oil drop machine oil, monthly arrangement is as follows: from January to March Wall Street Wall Street 40 foot

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