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even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company to Marseille Olympic Club (Olympique de Marseille) jointly launched the 2017-18 season the team three new uniforms, New Jersey to uphold the Marseilles elegance and unique traditional, classic review also stressed that every moment of football as a way of life in life in. Jersey has a classic rib V collar, shoulder collocation blue Adidas three stripes. The new season's shorts and socks are all white, decorated with sky blue details, and the middle of the socks is also marked with the motto of the club -- "Droit Au But (go straight to the target)". after the two season, Marseille club official letter "OM" badge back in home court Jersey chest, which was originally developed by club founder Rene dufaur de · · · Mon Mira I (René Dufaure; de Montmirail) in his own personal insigni cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a inspired design, but also show the club's motto: "Droit Au But (straight)". details, introducing positive Away Jersey subtle level weave, bring interesting exquisite sense.Bowling | 2015 Beijing famous enterprises and institutions of the bowling competition ended 2015 Beijing well-known enterprises and institutions bowling competition successfully completed , sponsored by Beijing evening news reader club and Beijing Bowling Association, "2015 Beijing famous enterprises and institutions Bowling Competition" ended successfully in December 26th in Beijing East environmental protection arena. A total of 50 teams participated, the competition adopted the Beck style three team competition system, each team played four points in the top twelve of the award. The end of the top twelve are: 1, ronshine sports teams, three teams, 2 voyage bowling, 3, East 3D team, 4, 5, Yong ice band, and his club team, 6, 7, 50 after Changying team, team 8 wins, Hondar team, 9, most of the new three team 10, Beijing diplomatic service bureau personnel, team 11, team 12, Huatai Zijin City, security forces.Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), 33, remains at the top of the league's top quarterback. His performance last season was called MVP and led the team into the playoffs. but this offseason Rodgers will follow Toni Romo (Tony Romo) steps to host, he put his attention to the off-season training from golf. was interviewed on Tuesday when Rodgers said: "I feel great, this offseason I have many tasks to complete, I love golf, as is my usual ways of relaxation training, this offseason my goal is 220 pounds, I start with this goal, golf can continue to exercise your body, let my knee feels very good, so is my arm." Rodgers is a Super Bowl fan of golf. He takes part in the AT&, T Pebble Beach professional competition every year, but it seems that he will spend more time in training this season. is very important for the 33 year old quarterback to keep fit, especially for the quarterback who wants to catch up with the Tom - Brady (Tom Brady). The best news for Green Bay Packers is that Rodgers has been paying attention to his diet and paying much attention to the maintenance of his body. Rodgers said, "I am very happy that I am 33 years old, and I still have a good figure during the rest season. This is very exciting. Just like some goals, you will keep moving towards the goal.NFL famous media man Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that 49 people in San Francisco on Wednesday with the team coach Eric Manjini proximal front (Eric Mangini) is served as the team's defensive coordinator job for the exchange. What is the day before the Oakland Raiders just Manjini and discuss as the defensive coordinator position. Manjini under the tutelage of Bill - Biliqieke (Bill Belichick), is considered to be good at defense coach, served as coach of the New York jets and Cleveland Brown. The 2013 season was hired as a senior offensive consultant to study the attack under the hands of Jim Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) and then become a full-time coach of the near end. Now the 49 team coach team basically emptied, the team also hoped that Manjini can pick up their own good defensive line of work, to help the team through. , the other 49 people also intend to make Jason Tarver (Jason Tarver) as line and coach, but the new manager Jim Sura has not yet identified a good candidate. The 49 are the only team in the league with no offensive coordinator at the same time.

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