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The official website of NFL | giants running back Payton Hillis | football season The 2014 season of New York giant Payton Hillis (Peyton Hillis) has ended in advance. The giant in the local time on Saturday announced that the veteran suffered a concussion during the tenth week to the Seattle Seahawks game, the team will choose him on the injured reserve list, this also means that the reimbursement season he has. this is the second years of Hillis's brain concussion. Last season he encountered the same situation in December, the same opponents haiying. This season, Hillis as the rotation of the running guard, a total of 26 shots, take 115 yards, completed the ball 10 times, take 87 yards. Then, t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he giant raised the line guard Justin - Anderson (Justin Anderson) into the list from the training lineup. , on the other hand, Rashad Jennings, the top runner of the team who had suffered from knee lateral cruciate ligament injury, will return to San Francisco's 49 match this week. Rashard Rashad. During his injury, the team enabled Andre - Williams (Andre Williams) as the first run guard, and Hillis also got some chances. The team expects Jennings to recover quickly after 5 weeks of absence.The official website of NFL | grams of Rome return to the pedicle jet, the former cornerback combined again | football recalled that a few years ago, the New York jet fleet sat on Darrel Revis Darrelle and Antonio Rome Antonio (Antonio Cromartie), which once let the quarterback and the foreign players sniff about the alliance's strongest combination. After two people went out, the new season came together again. ESPN reported that the jets Thursday with an agreement and grams of Rome Dida will sign a $32 million 4 year contract. will be 31 year old Cromartie in the jets for 4 seasons, but he will also work with last season's Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowers (Todd Bowles) meet again in the jets, the latter was appointed as the new coach of the jets at the beginning of this year. Cromartie scored 46 tackles and 3 cuts last season. He spent 13 times in his career 31 times in the jets. He has missed 1 Games in 112 games since 2008.reports this week about the New Orleans saints' near - end forward Jimmy Graham (Jimmy Graham) have never been able to get an accurate conclusion. Earlier, there was news that Graham would be absent from many games, and then there was a lover who revealed that Graham was soon to be on the stage. On Friday local time, the saints finally responded to the matter and the team listed Graham as "doubtful" and said he would decide whether he could go before the game. Graham himself said, "I've got a good recovery this week. I think the coach will decide if I can come out on the basis of what I had before the game on Sunday. Of course, I can't be sure what the situation is. Graham had a shoulder injury in the fifth week of the Tampa Bay pirate competition and had to be treated after 36 yards of the 2 catch. Earlier this week, he was absent from most of the team's training, so some speculated that he would be injured at least 2 to 3 weeks. Graham is the greatest threat of the saints in the red area, and the most trusted target of the quarterback Drew Bracey (Drew Brees). If Graham can't get back in time, Benjamin Watson (Benjamin Watson) and Josh Hill (Josh Hill) will take the place of him. The poor saints are eager to win third games this week.The new shirt has a prestige black and gold design, reflecting the club's position as the Scotland football king.

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