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The official website of NFL | Ross Lys Berg will be absent because of injury a few weeks | football Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) after just two weeks, then once again suffered injuries. Ross Lys Berg's foot was injured in the team's 38-35 victory over the Oakland Raiders. According to the NFL official, he will be truce for several weeks, and may be able to wait until the eleventh week off week to return. Ross Lys Berg was caught in the fourth quarter, and his inadvertent foot injury left the field ahead of time. After the injury, his foot was not enough to bear any pressure, and the team immediately arranged for him to go to the hospital to check. He will receive an MRI test as soon as possible to determine the s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping pecific injury. before the departure, Ross Lys Berg completed the pass to advance 334 yards, took the 2 array, was cut 1 times. This season, the Steelers suffered injuries, running Weile viand - Baer (Le Veon Bell) after the season, the Steelers only in the next few weeks on Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) and Delhi - four Janice M. Vidal Jones bench (Landry Jones).Denver Mustang has locked in one of the most undervalued defenders of NFL. After recovering from the knee anterior cruciate ligament tear in February, Harris's performance this season is a professional bowl level. Although he is not the star cornerback Daryl ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis), Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson) and Talib as marking the opposition top receivers, he showed himself on the outside and can play a full slot are excellent. According to the occupation football focus network data, Harris's defensive opponent makes quarterback in quarterback to his defense when passing score is only 46.9, which he and Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman), Weng Thailand - Davies (Vontae Davis) who led the league. In the past year he has not let the opponent had more than 50 yards and a touchdown. In other words, he is very suitable for a contract that shows that he is the most effective "two horn guard" in the league. Since Harris's future has been clear, the Mustang can turn their attention to and take over de Marius - Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) and near end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) contract negotiations, the two will be in March next year to enter the free agent market.The official website of NFL | Drew Bracey touchdowns in the history of the fourth | football fourteenth weeks of competition, the New Orleans saints were not only surprised by the 24 - 17 victory over Tampa Bay pirates. The team's four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) with 41 pass 31 impeccable, 312 yards and 2 touchdowns to promote the performance of the conquered fans, and his personal record of 421 touchdowns also succeeded beyond legend Dan Marino (Dan Marino) to become the NFL's fourth a. in front of him are 423 Tom Brady (Tom Brady), 508 Bret faffe (Brett Favre) and the 539 Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning).The official website of NFL | MAGOTAN Berg and San Diego lightning to complete the signing of | football is in Tennessee only 1 days after the termination of the Titans, quarterback Zach Berg (Zach Mettenberger) - MAGOTAN was signed with the San Diego lightning. According to the news reporter ESPN, the reason why Berg would go to MAGOTAN lightning, simply because once the coach Ken Hunter (via Ken Whisenhunt) requires an experienced veteran of four quarterback to guide rookie quarterback, and provides a backup quarterback ability. - Mario Kobita Marcus selected at Titan (Marcus Mariota) before Berg MAGOTAN completed 60% of the passing rate, over 1412 yards, 8 touchdowns and 7 interceptions of data. for Berg MAGOTAN, lightning is indeed a good choice, Philip - Rivers (Philip Rivers) the need for a reliable substitute, but Berg is such a candidate magotan.

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