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The official website of NFL | cowboy will guard Jones and veteran trial run |'s football Dallas cowboy's running problems have been a lot of concern for the fans. The team has no choice to supplement the young runner through the draft, and they will hope to rely on the feeling that some old men can regain the game. According to reports, the trial will be before the cowboy Houston of Dezhou, Cleveland Brown, Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers running back the Tate (Ben Tate). In addition, Felix - Jones (Felix Jones) is also in the team's consideration. cowboy used the first round to pick Jones, but the expected running guard did not show up with the other running guards. On the left after briefly joining the Philadelphia cowboys, the eagles and Steelers, ultimately failed to get a space for one person. After the 2013 season, Jones failed to sign any team. Tate was regarded as an efficient substitute before leaving Dezhou. The number of balls and the number of balls in his gear are all close to 4 yards. The cowboy array of top running back is Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden), the team is likely to arrange for him to start running back. With the best attacking frontier in the league, the cowboy b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping elieves that they can stimulate all the power of the runner through a reasonable match of the veteran's experience.running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) had asked for more ball, and he is the first festival in Minnesota Vikings game against the Arizona Cardinals to help the Vikings lead. in this wave of the Vikings 80 yards scoring offense, Peterson 4 red ball for 38 yards, he eventually break Cardinals defensive player holds 9 yards touchdown. this is his personal occupation career touchdowns and 100th touchdowns, and his ninety-fifth rushing touchdowns. had used the first day Cardinals more than half of the time on the pitch forward, but in the end only through the free kick, this is their first time this season in the first wave of attack to kick over. But after the Vikings reached their array, they soon got the lead.say you may not believe, but Ricci - Kean - Fran Suowa (Ricky Jean Francois) have so many donuts, and not for entertainment or eat supper, this is his long-term plan. defensive tackle Fran Suowa before and the packers signed a one-year contract for $2 million. Presumably the money will not be used to buy luxury cars, clothes, because in the heart of Fran Suowa, some important investment than NFL occupation career. He wants to use his business strategy to become a doughnut tycoon. Fran Suowa said, he has not had as of 2009 49 rookie that care about the money. But as NFL's wages rose, his attention was rising. "I earn money at the same time," Fran Francois said, "I think" I need to prepare a retirement plan now, best can start saving money from now that ". So when I leave NFL, I don't have to make NFL the only label of my own. The team would think, 'well, he's a businessman, he's smart, and he knows what to do with this money.' "my business experience is in ninth years. I have already made several kinds of investment, and now I face a lot of opportunities. When I really leave the league, I don't have to make people guess what I'm going to do, and I won't be a dead man... I want to be a person, and I hope I'll be a positive textbook for the alliance Professor, "what do you need to do with money."Rugby | Adams two touchdowns to send Philadelphia home court first negative! The packers ended four game losing streak celebrates victory Beijing time on Tuesday, November 29th, at 9:30 on Tuesday morning, the Green Bay Packers visited the Lincoln financial stadium and launched a week and one night match with the Philadelphia hawks. The two National League teams last played the 2014 season or something, then the packers beat rivals home court 53:20. The Hawks fell in state this season, although they were 4 - 0 at home, but they were 5 - 5 because of poor performance. In contrast, the packers had just suffered a wave of four successive defeats, currently 4 wins and 6 losses, away from home is 1 wins and 4 losses, taking into account the perfect home court record, the game their situation is not optimistic. The packers away fighting first began to attack a quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) will pass Jordi Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) with 10 yards, and he rushed the ball 16 yards, set the tone for the game. Enter the Philadelphia half, Dafante - Adams (Davante Adams) completed 12 yard touchdown catch, leading Green Bay 7:0. The eagles offense, Lille - Green - Beckham (Dorial Green-Beckham) became Philadelphia quarterback Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) - number one wide receiver - he first passes for 13 yards and 24 yards to complete the long distance the ball, the ball was credited with two to help the team to score line. Second 1 yards, Carson Wentz run fake pass, can not find the ball under the condition of getting rid of the defense for 1 yards rushing touchdown, the game was 7:7, this is the first record Wentz occupation career rushing touchdowns. near the end of the first quarter, Aaron - Rodgers Jordi - Nelson continuous line into Philadelphia, the first half, Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) to complete the ball 11 yards, game in the second quarter, Aaron Rodgers once again in the end zone to find Dafante - Adams, 20 yard touchdowns, Green Bay, 14:7 Philadelphia. The first section of the three teams were transformed into array. The Hawks took over Jordan Mathews (Jordan Matthews) for 17 yards of the ball, but they did not continue to push and throw the kicks on the middle line. Aaron Rodgers - continuous rapid hand, through a series of short, led the team to kick out of range, then forced to punt. The packers punter Jacob Schumm (Jacob Schum) the eagle trapped in the 1 yard line, but Carson Wenz hanging cross wide receiver Jordan Mathews for 20 yards. On two minutes of the first half, Carson Wentz rushed the ball 17 yards, and through a series of short range into the free kick, kicker Caleb Sturgis (Caleb Sturgis) hit a 48 yard free kick, the 10:14 only four points behind.

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