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Tennessee Titan will arrange Zach Merten Berg (Zach Mettenberger) for the first quarterback in the remaining two games. The main force of the team is rookie Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) who injured his knee in last week's game. The team is not going to let him play again in the rest of the season. this season Mario Kobita passes the ball 2818 yards, took 19 of the array and was cut 10 times. Compared to another rookie quarterback Jim Winston mays (Jameis Winston), Mario Kobita behind 1 touchdowns and nearly 1000 yards passing yards, but steals number less than the opponent. His pass rate was 62%, but Winston finished more shots. Zhou Mei Teng Berg off the bench after 28 passes 20 times, scored 2 touchdowns and was intercepted cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 2 times. The next two weeks the opponent will be the Houston of Dezhou and the Indianapolis colts, Meitengboge needs to seize the opportunity to prove myself.last week Pittsburgh Steelers upset loss to the New York jets, the team that makes them in the past 8 seasons away defeat to winning percentage is less than 5 of the maximum number of competitors. This week they will face the struggling Tennessee Steelers Titans, guard Mike Mitchell Tour (Mike Mitchell) as soon as possible to stop the tide, the victory of desire gives vent to the opponent's rookie quarterback Zach Merten Berg (Zach Mettenberger) on the body. Mitchell said, "we'll try our best to hit him and try to test how tough he is." The historical data in the Steelers side, defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau (Dick LeBeau) since 2004, a total of 17 times in the face of rookie quarterback, lost only one of the 2 games. The progress of Meitengboge in the past 2 weeks in the game. In the face of the Baltimore Raven defense team, he finished 5 passes over 15 yards in the first 15 minutes of the game, but the subsequent performance tended to be flat. In the second half, he killed 3 captured, opponents hit 8 times. Under pressure, he can't perform well. It also makes Mitchell and his colleagues found a way to attack the Meitengboge.recently, NFL announced the final candidate list of the 2019 and 2020 picks. According to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the candidate city including Canton, Tennessee, Kansas City, Denver and Las Vegas. 's final elected city will be announced at the spring union meeting in May, which will win the two year draft. candidates, four city already has an NFL team, Canton is located occupation Football Hall of fame. Although there are no teams in Las Vegas at the moment, the Oakland Raiders are scheduled to move to the end of the 2020 season. 's draft will be held at 4.26-28 this year for the AT& of Arlington, Dezhou, and the T stadium. The draft of 1965-2014 was held in New York, but in 2015, the alliance began to replace the host, Philadelphia was held once, and Chicago was held two times.The official website of NFL | lightning team will stay in San Diego for a year at least | football San Diego lightning team will at least in Qualcomm Stadium for one year. group management team announced that the team's lightning site contract no accident on Tuesday night will continue until next year, and wait for the new stadium facilities in San Diego. Team boss said the team will complete fourteenth years of work in San Diego, San Diego in 2015 will also be a new stadium for the lightning team. The lightning team's return to Losangeles began in 2007, and the team has always expressed the hope of a new stadium to improve the team's competitiveness. was previously thought to be the main hope for the lightning team to go to Losangeles, but it seems at least that at least the lightning team will not go to Losangeles in 2 years.

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