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Adidas said in its statement: "as Adidas Icon, three stripes with world-renowned reputation, whether as a trademark or symbol of three bars over the years have been deeply occupation football players, fans and consumers heart", German giants continue to added: "since 1952, Adidas launched the victory three stripes logo, Adidas spent millions of dollars and promotion, now three bars have a very objective commercial value. Consumers have been imperceptibly linked to the three bars and Adidas. Although Barcelona made seven stripes his trademark is only used for clothing, footwear and headgear and sports equipment, but whether it is from the form or the overall impression on the fringe design are playing the three bars of the edge ball, in an attempt to confuse the public."The official website of NFL | crow and the renewal of three years | football quarterback flao Baltimore crow and four Joe Fraco (Joe Flacc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o) in the free agent market before opening a settlement. has been with the team on Wednesday announced the crow Flacco signed a 3 year contract. The new contract will bring Fraco to the crow to 2021. NFL official Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said it was a 3 - year renewal contract with a value of $66 million 400 thousand. Fraco will receive a $40 million signature bonus after signing the contract. Rapoport also said Fraco became the highest paid player in NFL after signing a new contract. The $40 million signature bonus is the highest in history. this new contract is expected. When the 31 year old flao won the Super Bowl champion in 2013 after the signing of the contract price of crow, the bulk of this contract have been arranged in the second part, this means that the two sides need to rebuild the contract for the 2015 season after. If he continues to carry the contract, he will take up an astonishing 28 million 600 thousand dollar cap space for the next season. Only Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) ($30 million) takes more space than he does. 's last season was reimbursed for the eleventh week knee cruciate ligament. He was operated on in December and was expected to be ready for the next season. The crow needs as much help as possible to increase the salary cap space. One week after the opening of the free agent market, their salary cap space was the second smallest in the league. Last week, it was reported that the contract renewal could reduce Fraco's salary cap space by up to 9 million dollars. in the fix Flacco contract after the crow can fully solve the player's contract to protect those flao. The outstanding performance of the guard carich - Arthur Mailer (Kelechi Osemele) will become a free agent, he will need a big contract. Whether we will pay attention to the new contract flao can pave the way for Arthur Mailer return to the team.Houston in Dezhou 16-34 to the new England patriots, Dezhou defender Vince wilfork spike (Vince Wilfork) that they might consider retirement. "I think I've been in my last NFL game," Weil Falk said. "I'll spend some time thinking about whether I really want to retire. Let's wait and see. I don't know how long it will take. " "this will not change the fact that I enjoy every moment of my career. I spent 11 wonderful years with my incredible teammates in the Patriots and spent 2 good years in Dezhou. was in his career for the first time in his career before the Dezhou Raiders' first round of the playoffs to retire from the end of the season. 35 years old volflock was selected for the 5 career bowl in his 13 year career, and he was selected as the best team in 2012. He said earlier this month that he realized that retirement would be a tough decision because he knew he could still play the heat. "one thing I know is that I love the game," volflock said early in the month. "The hardest decision to do is to leave the game you love. It's hard. It's going to be hard. Because it's not like you have to retire because of injuries or I can't have enough ability to play. "In 2015 the first quarter of the first Shanghai Odense bowling field a list | Bowling news: CpBA occupation Bowling League Shanghai Odense bowling season in 2015 first quarter of the first game ended last night, 24 bowling players including me in the game , a 684 points behind the top three red egg sound, 664 points followed the Soviet Odense squireen behind in second, with the last player Barry yellow arc blasted the Bureau 290 minutes to complete the Jedi beyond 657 into three, you expect the players to better play second games next week! 1

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