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The official website of NFL | Andy Dalton was booed in the | rugby tournament softball American baseball Major League all - star and softball games on Sunday is a major event in Cincinnati. The invitation to attend the softball ceremony is Cincinnati tigers quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton), but who can expect his popularity seems not very right. in the whole game, Dalton was booed by the fans. Dalton is the key to the tigers' entry into the playoffs in the last few years. But since 1991 the team never won the ball in the playoffs, while the 6 season the team made the playoffs 5 times in the past, but these games, Dalton surrendered answer is 1 touchdowns and 6 steals, because Dalton's 6 year contract, apparently he is now not leaving Cincinnati. It was a great pressure for Dalton to endure mockery at such an entertaining arena. It is clear that this shows the love of the Cincinnati people to the team, and they have to find a venting object when nobody responds.The World Championships women's Squash squash | held in France China team three young contestants Figure : from 25 countries and regions of the athletes to particip cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ate in the opening ceremony of the World Championships women's team. Luca on 12-17 November 2012, the world championship was held in France Nimes women's squash. From 26 countries and regions of the athletes to participate in the women's World Championships women's World Championships held since the squash team up to the next. China sent three players, Li Dongjin, Gu Jinyue and Xiu Chen, in order to prepare for the 2014 Asian Games for the exercise team. : China is divided into C group. The four teams in C group are Malaysia, Spain and South Africa. In the first day's competition, China defeated Spain and lost the world's strong Malaysia team. Ball Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center squash project director Zhang Ning said: the main purpose of China team to participate in world squash Championships women's team for the training team, preparing for the 2014 Asian Games held in Inchon. (Paul)The official website of NFL | Dezhou not because of excessive wage cut - Forster | Rugby Ariane , according to multiple sources, Houston Dezhou will be because of high wages instead of injuries cut back their star running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster). but on the Thursday of the United States, when the manager of the Dezhou people interviewed in the United States when they interviewed Forster, it wasn't because of the reason of the salary: we didn't tell you our decision, but I can tell you that wages will not be the reason for him. actually Forster's basic salary for the 2016 season will be $6 million 500 thousand, and the total salary will be $9 million. General manager Ricky Smith (Rick Smith) said: "I think none of our players in this position is determined to be left behind. We only need to sign contracts to decide whether to remove some players. , obviously, the future of Forster and Dezhou is still uncertain. Smith said, "I talked with Forster about a few weeks ago. He replied well, he is ready, at least I believe he is. coach Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) said: every member of the team has been tested in the 2015 season, which is all in the plan, and Forster is no exception.Bowling | Shi total qualifying program revision!!! (revised July 20, 2016). Please refer to the content of this draft.) about Mr. Shi Guotai's sponsorship and organization of Chinese bowling players in pBA 2016 world bowling series (WSOB) selection and notification December 2015, active coordination in Brunswick bowling company and Chinese agent Longmarch bowling, vice chairman of Chinese Bowling Association Mr. Shi Guotai led the delegation to attend the pBA Chinese Bowling bowling world series, visited the United States Bowling Association (USBC) and the American Bowling Owners Association (BpAA) and other organizations. The delegation has carried out extensive and in-depth exchanges with the high-level organizations of these organizations and reached a number of cooperation agreements. Chinese bowling is now showing a good momentum of rapid development. in order to further promote the development of Chinese bowling, Mr. Shi Guo decided to sponsor individual Chinese high level athletes participated in the United States pBA 2016 Bowling bowling world series now, and commissioned the Brunswick bowling company China agent Shanghai Longmarch Industrial Co. Ltd. (Longmarch bowling) is responsible for the selection of the participating players. The specific scheme is as follows. The basic situation of the 1. pBA 2016 world bowling series series (1) tournament Name: pBA 2016 World Series of Bowling, referred to as WSOB, the Chinese name "world bowling series", is pBA (professional Bowling Federation) annual, the largest and the highest level of competition. (2) competition time: November 27, 2016 -12 month 11 (3) Venue: Reno, Nevada (Reno, Navada) (4) competition system and related briefs: all competitions are individual competitions, without distinction between men and women, without bonus. Each person took part in nine bureaus of four animal oils in the first stage. The first 24 qualifying matches in the second stage of each oil type. The 36 games of the four animals were divided into the first 25% of the world champion oil competition. Finally, five kinds of oil (four animal oil type and oil type world champion) championship, ESpN live and taped. Chinese players have participated in the two pBA WSOB, and no one has entered the second stage. The best result is fiftieth in the first nine bureaus of the single animal oil. Mr. Shi Guotai wants Chinese players to make a breakthrough in 2016. 2. selection method qualification

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