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Water polo | "2014 China crossed the Sanmenxia mother river" activity held successfully thousands of people cross, millions of people watch, close contact with the mother river. The morning of May 25th, 2014 China crossed the Sanmenxia mother river event was successfully held in Swan Lake National Wetland Park in the Yellow River City area, the country's 28 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Hongkong, Macao Chinese China 79 City 105 teams of 2658 people attended the crossing, creating a new record in the national open water swimming. National Swimming Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center Director Wang Lusheng, director of the Provincial Tourism Bureau Kou Wujiang, Beijing Dongcheng District Tourism Commission Director Li Xuemin, deputy director of the Provincial Sports Bureau Mei Baoju, deputy director of the Provincial Tourism Bureau Angie Hou, city leaders Yang Shuping, Guo Shaowei, Wang Jianxun, Zhao Haiyan, Guo Xiurong attended the opening ceremony. China (Sanmenxia) crossing the mother river is sponsored by the national sports administration swimming management center, the China Swimming Association, the Henan Sports Bureau and the Tourism Festival Organizing Committee. It is the highlight of the twentieth China (Sanmenxia) international the Yellow River Cultural Tourism Festival. This event has been successfully held for four sessions since 2010. It is the highest, most widely known and largest open water swimming activity in the country. The Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of and Zhao Haiyan, the mayor of the city, and the people of the city, welcomed the swimmers who participated in the crossing, representing the city's four major teams and the people of the city. She said that crossing the mother river has been successfully held for the four time. Every year, new swimmers are joined, and the old swimmers' persistence has been widely concerned. This time, 2658 swimmers in the country put into the arms of the mother river, challenge themselves and enjoy sports. The crossing of the mother river is of great significance. We look forward to the annual meeting mother river of all the swimmers, and together to make the activities a famous brand for carrying forward the spirit of sports and feeling the unique charm of the Yellow River's customs. Sanmenxia is implementing the great tourism strategy. We sincerely welcome you to bring your family and friends to visit you in different seasons and appreciate the beauty and charm of the Yellow River pearl and Swan City. Wang Lusheng said in his speech, cross the mother activities successfully held four sessions, has become China's swimming world unique and widely influential sports event, to promote the popularization and development of open water swimming, promote the development of sports leisure tourism, especially to show the achievements of the Sanmenxia economic and social development, promote the culture of the Yellow River. Show the Yellow River civilization, highlight the charm of the Yellow River, to create a unique boutique tourism projects, played an important role. This event has greatly enriched the good atmosphere of national fitness. We hope that the majority of swimmers will enjoy the Yellow River's culture while enjoying happiness, health and friendship, and contribute to the promotion of China's economic and social development. At 9:15, Yang Shuping, the party secretary of the municipal Party committee, announced that 2014 China's Sanmenxia crossing mother river was opened in Sanmenxia. At the beginning of the crossing, the teams were launched from the Three River Square in batches, about 40 meters wide and 1000 meters marked by the orange buoy.Indiana small week accidentally knocked out the winning Denver wild horse by accident, and succeeded in the final of the United States League. They will challenge the old rival new England patriots this weekend, the two teams in the regular season had a confrontation, the Patriots in the game with the ball completely destroyed the ground Red Pony line, unsuccessful rookie running back Jonas Gray (Jonas Gray) students out of the 201 yards 4 times of terrorist data array. Last year, two teams have had met in the playoffs, the game of the pony on the ground is another running patriot Sergio Garrett Blount (LeGarrett Blount) ravaged. The pony can not limit the opponent's ground attack in the last two confrontations of the two teams, and this will also be one of the winners of the two teams for the weekend. 's regular season runs in the middle of the league this season, and the team has a part of the runaway. The interception rates of Bjorn Jonathan and Bjoern Werner Jonathan are 7.6% and 7.5%, respectively, all of which are ranked the top ten of the same position Alliance (Werner). Josh Chapman - defensive spike (Josh Chapman) at the second half of the season to get rid of the previous downturn, their anti run successful upgrade to +4.2 score. Dick, Jackson, Wei inside (D 'Qwell Jackson) also in the season back in the regular season ten A new force suddenly rises., game to get a score of +7.2 (from running the same position sixth), another insider Wei Jie, Lille Freeman (Jerrell Freeman) this season more play a role in covering the defense, anti run the end of undulating, but in the playoffs he began after the last defensive back on the ground, in the wild card race he contributed 7 tackles 4 times against running stop, stop running prevention rate is as high as 23.5%,Welcome to NFL Home Field NFL Home Field provides a! Home base for football fans in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, complete with family-friendly interactive football activities, on-field training clinics and live tackle football games featuring local teams and local food vendors. This year s NFL Home Field promises "to be an even bigger spectacle with another NFL Hall of Fame Legend. Come out with your friends and enjoy a free day of fun food and football ! Please see the detailed information on the poster above.von Miller (Von Miller) can't be a free player because of his excellent performance. That's why the Denver Mustang gave him a exclusive privileged player on Tuesday. "specified Feng become our franchise tag players to give us a long time to continue negotiations," horse general manager John elvy (John Elway) said in a statement. "We have made fruitful exchanges with representatives of Feng. We will continue these discussions. The goal is to ensure that Feng will remain in the wild for a long time in the future." The price of exclusive privileged players is higher than the traditional label of privileged players. No team can sign Miller, and his salary will not be less than the average salary of the five players who have the highest salary in the league. Miller is the first non - quarterback since 2007 to be labeled as exclusive privileged players. NFL official Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Tuesday that wild horse tried to sign a long contract with Miller. Any contract is thought to be more than Justin Houston (Justin Houston) last year signed a $101 million contract, but the two sides are not close to a contract. The Mustang hopes not to use privileged players to label Miller. They are going to renew other important free agents, such as Malik Jackson (Malik Jackson) and Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler), who are still waiting for the possible retirement decision of Payton Manning. But considering elvy records, Miller should get to feel optimistic about. Ryan left Jiefeng creditOn (Ryan Clady) - Platt, kicker Matt (Matt Prater) and de Marius Thomas (Demaryius over Thomas) in their respective labels after signing contract. at NFL, the best players rarely change the team, and Miller should spend his top career in the selection of his team.

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