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the fourth week of the regular season has been opened. Let's look at the team's strength around the fourth week. This week, the strength of the standings, packers and Panthers are a serious decline, the dolphin is down 11. Last week, the Seahawks lost to the Broncos also gave the top position, has remained stable since the start of the tiger leapt to the top, also made three matches of the eagles and cardinals followed. The Steelers veteran team achieved a victory in the last week, also ranked the forefront of regression. For specific rankings, please look at the following table: 1. Cincinnati tigers  2. Philadelphia Eagle The Arizona Cardinals 3. San Diego 4. lightning 5. Seattle Seahawks 6. Denver wild horse 7. new England patriot 8. Chicago bear 9. Baltimore Raven 10. Atlanta Falcon 11. buffalo Bill 12. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Pittsburgh Steelers 13. Carolina Panther 14. New Orleans saints 15. Detroit lion 16. Green Bay Packer 17. Indianapolis pony 18. 49 people in San Francisco, 19. New York jet 20. Dallas cowboy 21. New York giant 22. kkansas chief 23. Brown , Cleveland 24. Miami dolphin 25. from Dezhou, Houston 26. Washington Red 27. Tennessee Titan 28. Minnesota Viking 29. Saint Louis ram 30. Oakland Raider 31. Tampa Bay pirate 32. Jacksonville Jaguaron Sunday, after the New Orleans saints lost to 49 people in San Francisco, their four point guard Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) was booed by fans. After that, he shared some comments on his Facebook. "I'm not brain optimistic and confident, this is my teammates told me countless times. Do you know why? I'm getting ready to return to the next series, and what if I get back to it now? " NFL media review: "Drew - Bracey's teammates think he has been holding" annoying optimism and confidence ". I believe this confidence comes first from the saints' ranking, and the advantage is clear. It is true that this season is very safe for Bracey, but Bracey has dropped 2 times this year and has been copied 10 times, which is a bad sign. Bracey summed up his mistake in the game: "no one is under great pressure like me. I know how to adjust better. I will not let those mistakes happen again. I have a responsibility. I feel I can get everything back. That's what I need to do. " if Bracey and saints can recover their feelings and keep part of the victory, other teams from South China will hardly have chances. Their playoffs are safe.The official website of NFL | Panther linebacker base can not determine the race | football Clifford The Carolina Panthers starting middle linebacker Luke - Jikeli (Luck Kuechly) will not play because of a concussion effect in this week. As the core of the team defense group, Jikeli consecutive 52 appearances, however this figure will be in this week to paint a full stop. Grade 3 linebacker A.J. Klein (A.J. Klein) will replace the Jikeli first against Houston in Dezhou. Jikeli was injured in last week with the Jacksonville Jaguars in the game, he was attempting to tackle the running back T.J. Elton (T.J. Yeldon), the two sides collide, then Jikeli leave early. In the first half, he had finished 7 grappling. 2012 season, Jikeli completed 480 tackles to lead the league. In Jikeli after departure, Klein completed 5 tackles in the second half. Previously, he started 10 times as a black leopard with an outside line. In the absence of Jikeli circumstances, still only opponents Panther 75 yards, not concede score.The official website of NFL |J.J. w in Jimmy Fallon tonight show | football J.J. (J.J. Watt), Jimmy watts (Jimmy Fallon) - Fallon and raw egg. this is Friday w Jimmy Fallon appeared in the tonight show with Fallon with egg game of Russian Roulette scene. two people will turn into Rugby like but unripe eggs on their own head. Watt even had a raw egg. is an active week for Watt. He Thursday to promote their new training shoes and ESPN guests Darren Lowell (Darren Rovell) was a crazy train. earlier this month, has presided over one of the Watts CMT Music Awards, he also participated in the Make-A-Wish Foundation, improvisation played a basketball game and see the football star Hernandez hernandez.

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