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Football | eleventh week Thursday night race Preview: New Orleans saints @ Carolina Panthers New Orleans saints @ Carolina is doomed to be a regular season for the start of the brushing war, and both teams now have a theoretical hope for the playoffs. If the Panther is still unable to win this game, they will basically say goodbye to this season's playoffs. Last season, the National League champion, this season is very likely to be hopeless in the playoffs, in the absence of large changes in the lineup, the rise and fall quickly let people sigh. Carolina Black Panthers occupy a great psychological advantage for New Orleans saints. In the past 9 rounds of fighting between the two teams, the Panthers took 6 of them, while in the Black Panther home, the saints lost the 3 games in the past 4 games. Although the Panther record plummeted, but Kim - Newton's performance is still remarkable. Last week he took 1 more passes and 1 runs. So far, the number of Newton's passing (127) and running ball (47) ranks the top in the team history. He is also the only player in all the active players who can rank the top of the team in the two data. for the first time this season the two teams clash, the New Orleans saints in the home court to 41-38 victory over the panthers. The four main point guard Drew Bracey in the war of 465 Biao kuangshuai codes and 4 touchdowns. At the same time, the saints kicker will Lutz scored 11 seconds before the end of a 52 yard shot success in the game to hel cheap nfl jerseys free shipping p the saints Panther lore. Bracey last week again out of 3 touchdowns, occupation career has 452 touchdowns, he also became the Payton - Manning (539) and Bret faffe (508) after the third in the history of the NFL came down at least 450 touchdowns by quarterback. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.if Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) stays in the starting lineup for a few weeks, he can return to the bench with the trophy after winning the eleventh week's best offensive player in the US. In his first Oslo Wheeler led Denver wild horse 17-15 game victory over the Chicago bears, when he played 27 passes 20 times successfully gained 250 yards and 2 touchdowns without passing by steals. The four - grade quarterback had been waiting patiently for his chance, and of course he took advantage of the opportunity in the game. Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) and at least a few weeks due to absence of plantar fasciitis cases, Oswald vhailor has a chance to prove himself for the first, especially if he can in the next game for the new England patriots suffered the first defeat of the season. is the best defensive player in the eleventh week of the US League: Houston J.J. Dezhou Watt J.J., and watt helped Dezhou people beat New York jet 24-16 in the match, thus maintaining the first competition for the Southern League of United States. Before letting Cincinnati tigers quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) fail to play, Walter had made 2 hits and 5 impact quarterback even though almost every defense was caught by his opponent's double. When the Dezhou defence team looked bad in the first quarter of the season, Watt and his teammates were suddenly offering the best performance of the season. eleventh weeks of the American League's best special teams player: Kansas City Chiefs punter Dustin Kerr Cuito (Dustin Colquitt), Kerr Cuito 5 per punt kick 50.6 yards, including 4 times into the opponent 20 yards line, help defeat in the last game division chief of San Diego lightning. His performance partly explains why lightning is only three points in the game. week eleventh NFC offensive player: Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton), Newton in the 44-16 game against the Washington Redskins Panthers from 5 touchdowns and no occupation career high pass was intercepted. Newton continues to prove himself a powerful candidate for the most valuable player of the season, and the Panther continues to remain unbeaten. eleventh week National League defensive player: Tampa Bay Buccaneers line Sergio David Wundt (Lavonte David), and when the usual performance when compared to Daiweiben season performance is not good, but the pirates 45-17 victory over the eagles game, David had 2 steals, including 1 times in the last moments of return. Array. The 5 - 5 - negative pirates will need more David to compete in the playoffs. eleventh weeks, the best player in the League of nations is the best player in the League of Nations: the Green Bay Packer Mason Crosby (Mason Crosby). Crosby hit 5 times in the competition of packers 30-13 and Minnesota Vikings.NFL official website, Denver Broncos and general manager John elvy renewed for 5 years in football nest news July 25th Denver tiger Mustang has with the general manager and is responsible for the operation of the team's executive vice president John elvy (John Elway) contract. Mustang announced on Monday that the two sides have agreed to sign a 5 year contract, which will allow for the work to the 2021 season elvy mustang. Although did not disclose the details of the contract, elvy is expected to become the general manager of the highest salary alliance. has become the most powerful team in the west side of the United States since he started running the team in 2011. After that, they had a total of 67 to 29, 5 to win the division and 2 to the super bowl. The only patriot is superior to the Mustang in this period of time. sorry for the importance of reputation elvy mustang. As a quarterback, he led the Mustang twice to win the championship. As general manager, he made a champion team well. in the Mustang management after repeated elvy excellent operation in the free agent market. He signed in twenty-first Century the most important free agent Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning), he also to attract talented players such as the occupation level bowl, DeMarcus wale (DeMarcus Ware), AKI Budd Talib (Aqib Talib), T.J. Ward (T.J. Ward) and Emanue Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders). In addition to the free player good sign. He was drafted later won the Super Bowl MVP von Miller (Von Miller), the unsuccessful rookie find such as Chris - Harris (Chris Harris small Jr. C.J.) and Anderson (C.J. Anderson) of these valuable players. Mustang as the history of the greatest figures, and the city of Denver has elvy closely together. He is likely to end up in the hall of fame as a player and a manager. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Tom Brady (Tom Brady) with a helmet of love now hit array players to celebrate, but don't want his hit too hard, causing Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) concussion. the new England patriots players say they are wary of all the time after a touchdown celebration from brady. Someone said, "suddenly, he appeared and hit your helmet 3 times. I'd like to say, hey man! Calm down. " Even the Patriots defensive player is also well prepared, their safety guard Dwyane Maikekaote (Devin McCourty) said: "I didn't think his is so fierce, my helmet is loose, this is how I feel." in the locker room and reporter Brady is a calm introverted person, but to the pitch he became a different person. Brandon - Rafael (Brandon LaFell) said: "he is unique, he suddenly gave up, I don't know what he yelled at, but you will remember this moment."

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