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As for Brazil's World Cup National Team Jersey, Leverkusen's new kit using adizero technology, produce a lighter and more comfortable playing uniforms, weight more than 40%, less than 100 grams, is the lightest Adidas ever since the game shirt manufacturing. It helps the players to perform faster and play more freely on the field. The fan version of the Jersey uses ClimaCool technology to ensure air permeability and keep dry during the movement.The official website of NFL | Torre Smith announced his departure from the 49 people, is expected to sign | football "Baltimore sun" according to a source said, is about to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping become a free agent of the Baltimore team took over the crow Torre Smith (Torrey Smith) announced that it will leave the crow in the team, and San Francisco team of 49 people to complete the signing of. follow the big brother Anker - boerding crow (Anquan Boldin) in the team, now two people have hope to meet again. The Sun reported that Smith's asking price increased from eight million yuan to nine million yuan next season. The Raven team's current salary cap is less than five million U.S. dollars, which can't meet his requirements. Although Smith last season to catch number no more than last season, but 11 touchdowns has created a new high occupation. also confirmed that the "sun", the Dezhou Yankees all star Andre Johnson - external (Andre Johnson) may have to replace Torre crow team.The official website of NFL and Capet, nick of arm fatigue or absence of Sunday's game, football nest The 49 people in San Francisco have been waiting for a long time to wait for the return of Colin Kaepernick, which now looks like they need to wait a few weeks. on Friday U.S. time, kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) said Capet Nick is currently training in a restricted list, probably because of the joint training arm fatigue and Houston absence of Dezhou people. Kelly said he would make an assessment of Capet Nick by Sunday or not to be able to take part in the pre - season on Sunday. , in fact, Capet spent the rest of the season in the absence of all the training of the team. But even now Coppy Nick is returning, he may need to sit on the bench to make a substitute for Blaine Garbutt (Blaine Gabbert).The official website of NFL | Alfred Maurice and the cowboys to complete the signing of | football Dallas cowboy's 2016 season's runner candidate is a big problem. Recently, the cowboy and the former Washington red skinned runner Alfred Maurice (Alfred Morris) completed the 2 year contract. Maurice, 27 years old, was chosen by the red skin in 2012. The rookie season has completed 1613 yards of the ball, but after that season, the data has been declining. The 2013 season has completed 1275 yards, the 2014 season has completed 1074 yards, and the 2015 season has only completed 75 yards. And his per holding number dropped from 4.8 yards to 3.7 yards. after signing Maurice, cowboy can let Maurice and Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) to complete the offensive backcourt, Mike Faden finished the 2015 season for 1089 yards, so running back the problem was solved.

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