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For the European Union, the red and navy blue patterns on the white base are more innovative. On the technical level, this football is not the same as the top football games in Seville that have won the European Union championship in the past few years. Manchester City, Leicester City, Arsenal and Tottenham will be in the Champions League in the new season. Manchester United and Southampton fans would often see the football. For Chelsea and Liverpool, they should strive for a return to Europe in the new season.NFL official website, thirteenth week review: safety Berri helped win, Emirates Rugby wo safety Berri shine Emirates Falcon victory has a strong momentum of the Kansas City Chiefs to challenge National League leaders Atlanta southern falcon. In the home court began Falcon xianbatouchou, first wide receiver Julio Jones (Julio Jones) to complete the ball 44 yards 3 times in a row, then the pavement attack can also promote the stability of the Falcon, they successfully come to the Emirates 1 yard line. Ran Wei De Venta - Freeman (Devonta Freeman) 1 yards touchdown. But the Sheikh made a quick counter attack. The first i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s Hill Tyreek Hill, pushing the ball forward for 13 yards. Then the near end front Travis Kors (Travis Kelce) completes the 2 catch and advances 56 yards to the Falcon 3 yards. Running back Spencer (Spencer, Ware) - 3 yards touchdown touchdowns, but the chiefs of additional points shot by Falcon block. After the Falcon finished 2 free kick shots, the game began to enter the chief's track. The Sheikh went forward to the Falcon's 3 line and finished the ball again by running Wei. At the end of the first half, the Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) pass by chief safety Eric Berri (Eric Berry) steals, the latter 37 return yards made up front, chief of the lead. Into the second half, in the first wave of attack in the Emirates in the 45 third attack code into the face of four stalls 1 yards, they put a punt formation, but the ball directly open to the wide receiver Albert Wilson (Albert Wilson), he entered the middle from a rush for a 55 yard touchdown zone of array. The Falcon's counterattack came at the end of the third quarter, and they completed a number of large numbers of attacks and made 1 yards of the ball at the beginning of the fourth quarter by the runner Freeman. The chief force quickly abandoned the kick after the falcons won the chance to overtake the score they rushed the ball and pass through the road steadily, eventually Ryan pass to wide receiver Al Derek Robinson (Aldrick Robinson) for a 5 yard touchdown, with 28-27 Falcon counter ultra score. As for Falcon through the 2 points score expanded to convert an arbitrary ball gap, safety Berri stood out again. He copied Ryan's pass and got 2 points back. This steals ultimately proved to be the winner, the Emirates to 29-28 victory over the falcons. 297 yards and 1 touchdowns 1 passes by quarterback Ryan Falcon 34 steals made 22 passes successfully, and took 7 catches Jones 113 yards. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith) 25 passes 21 times successfully gained 270 yards and 1 touchdowns, tight end Kors 8 times the ball 140 yards, safety Berri who scored 8 points. ???????????????????? ??????????in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the second round pick up not only kicker Roberto Aguayo (Roberto and Aguayo) or by picking up after the transaction outside of this decision is full of criticism. does not care about the pirate game season losing only two points difference within three points or less team general manager Jason Richter (Jason Licht) said is "playing the best Aguayo university I have seen hand." Richter also said that it was one of the reasons he made the decision to change the additional score to the 33 - yard free kick. "He's super stable," he continued. "He has never missed 40 yards of shooting in his career. It's rare. He is the best and most precise kicker in the history of college football. " Do you know what Aguayo never did? Kicking the ball in cold weather. The effectiveness of in Tampa Bay, of course, reduces the possibility of playing football in cold weather, but the playoffs are usually held in less than ideal conditions. There is a little - even a little - experience kicker can help. "I participated in the cold game, I want to say is 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) held under the environment," said aguayo. "I want to tell you the fact that I've never really played in the cold weather... I think I'm ready to face this challenge." Aguayo may be in eleventh weeks in his first regular season -- may also be a challenge only during cold weather, when the pirates will challenge the Kansas City chiefs. After that, the pirate games are not likely to be held in cold weather. so, reality, perhaps until January Aguayo will need to try a shot in cold weather, and it is assumed that the pirates will enter the playoffs. No matter what happens, he doesn't worry about the critic.Eagle Darren Rawls's running back (Darren Sproles) on Sunday that the injured left the game in the first half, the contents of the report on Sunday night that he suffered a broken arm. spa Rawls's injury was much worse than the report, and according to a follow-up report from ESPN, Seip Rolls had torn his Achilles tendon. He is expected to undergo an arm operation on Monday and then undergo a knee operation. Rawls's season is a foregone conclusion, then can play again is a problem. He will be 34 years old in June, before he has expressed his intention to retire after the 2017 season. The two major injuries were also a major impediment to his continuing career. if Seip Rolls ends his career, his current total number will be eighth.

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