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The New Jersey not only embodies the logo design of Nike, but also provides performance innovation, technology and sustainable environmental protection for the players. Nike Dri-FIT technology absorbs sweat from the body to the outer surface of the shirt and evaporates quickly. It will keep the players dry and comfortable and put into the game at the best.NFL's official website, Malcolm Butler and patriots signed contract bidding, Waterloo Rugby Although was very dubious with the saints before, Malcolm Butler Butler finally signed a bidding contract with his old England patriot. according to the ESPN reporter, the contract is the first round of the price: the 2017 season $3 million 910 thousand a year. signing the bidding contract means that Butler and saints will not sign directly, unless the Patriots do not match the saints offer (if they do), otherwise they can cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 't expect the saint to send number 11. But it is still uncertain whether Butler will remain in the Patriots. now other teams can take a restricted free agent program and talk to the Patriots. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The new stadium shirt is white, with a red V collar. The shoulder is designed to restore the club's classic shirt style, with two red stripes extending from the collar down the sleeve to the cuffs. The red triangle flag in the shirt collar is engraved with "Club of the People (people's Club)" and the badge composed of the club abbreviated SCI.this pre-season match really do not have much content, the main time is too short, the defense only on the two first hair, the attack is also hit a drive to work. The team in the attack and defense arrangements on the test marks are obvious, a lot of play is not suitable, belongs to "play to play". Goff on 3 drive, only 8 times, a ball drop and a copy, the impression is very poor, but the actual performance does not have too many black spots. This offseason, described the Goff most commonly used word is sharp, the opening stage and Woods 16 yard line, to escape the hunt find Brown in the flat region, and sent to the Higbee ball are very aggressive and purpose. The ball dropped, like last week's Mack, exposes the weak right side of OL, and Goff himself has no vigilance in the direction of the direction. Optimistically, as long as the player and the coaching team attach importance to the problem, it is quite easy to correct them. 's intercepting is a technical problem of Goff pass. It has nothing to do with his correspondence in his pocket, the choice of defense and the choice of goals. This offseason Goff adjusted mechanics, last year in the ball, his lead arm starting point is low, greatly, in the horizontal position will pause; this season saw him decrease, make the action more coherent, benefits without them, but may also put his hand a small disadvantage. In passing this ball, he tried to make better use of the strength below the elbow, resulting in the failure to grip the ball. The force was uneven when the hand was released. The ball swaying in the air was very obvious, and the distance was also at least 7-8 yards away. comprehensive, today Goff exposed some stability problems, two mistakes cause serious consequences, but can be solved in the short term. On the truly observed traits, his comparison with Mannion should be able to keep the fans comfortable. Quote Olson: "Goff has a long distance from the 'finished product', but his progress is very obvious." Today, Goff play is the biggest problem for a lost ball before a 2&, start at a distance of 8 yards in 7. The ram empties the back field, expelled 4 outside hands, and a near - end front was on the right side. There were no surprises on the lightning correspondence, the regular 4 people and the cover2. After kick-off, the left side of the ram is curl/flat, Higbee runs smaller slant attack seam, the right side is the most common smash-7 concept in the red area, and the outermost Woods chooses to go across. The first object of the Goff to read was the corner guard on the left, which pressed Cooper near the ball line. Goff immediately choose to give up on this side, the inward checkdown, in the sense that Higbee is still in the two safety range, directly select the ball out of the bottom line. Objectively speaking, this time 〉

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