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Water polo | diving team triumph |: Zhou Jihong won eight gold but more of a worry Zhou Jihong led the team to triumph Cleveland February 28 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Kang Shaohan) swept all eight World Cup medals, China diving team leader Zhou Jihong did not feel at ease, but more of a worry. The 28 day the team triumph she admitted in an interview at the airport, I am particularly worried that this is an illusion, to the success of the Olympic Games in London, we must be better prepared in the ideological and psychological aspects. has been in the London Olympic venues of the eighteenth fina Diving World Cup, China team sent by Wu Minxia, Chen Ruolin, Qin Kai, Chong, Lin Yue led the five Olympic champions of the luxury lineup, in six days of competition, the athletes Chinese again showed strong strength, won all eight medals in addition t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping here are three pieces of gold, silver or a single project. Did the results of think of it before the match? In the face of reporters' questions, Zhou Jihong said, "what will the final outcome of every match be? Before we start, we will not think too much. We should try our best anyway. Before diving for the London World Cup, the Chinese diving team held a closed training for six weeks in Ji'nan. Under the joint efforts of logistic support, athletes and coaches, we should say that the overall performance of the Chinese team is acceptable. But we can't feel that our strength is very strong because of the results and achievements, because the Chinese team's performance can't represent the true level of the whole competition. Zhou Jihong said, half a year after the World Championships last year, foreign players almost no competition, so open tournament feels as if it is not preheated, performance is not particularly desirable, including Matthew failed to enter the finals, Paula didn't than the main items. The domestic events did not end until the middle of December last year. After that, it was Ji'nan training. Zhou Jihong admitted that his did not feel like sweeping the 14th in the opponent not fully into the state, but more of a worry, worry that this is an illusion. After all, our ultimate goal is the London Olympics, which is totally different from the world cup, and the players are faced with much more difficulties. To achieve good achievements in the Olympic Games, we must be more fully prepared in mind and in mind. according to reports, the 28 day back to Beijing Chinese diving team returned to training tomorrow. Next, the team will take part in the two station World Cup series, one is the Dubai station competition on March 16th -17, and the other is the March 23rd China -24 competition in Beijing water cube. (finished)2014 Hangzhou BAXI Cup Bowling Tournament warm-up picture news | Bowling 2014 Hangzhou "BAXI Cup" bowling invitational tournament Wang Xiaoyu 675 points won the champion 2014 Hangzhou "BAXI Cup" bowling tournament photo collection warm-up champion Wang Xiaoyu and Lou Yi Chinese Super flying saucer Du Jianchao, Liu Shaoyi, Lou Yiis now in retrospect, the Carolina Panthers signed the champion in 2011 - Newton (Cam Newton) cam is obviously right. Newton brought 3 professional bowls to the city and a regular season MVP for the season, and led the team into the super bowl. the United States Sunday just after the end of the game, the Panthers easily beat rival San Francisco in 49, the Panthers coach Luo - Rivera (Ron Rivera) said they had considered the draft 49 now starting quarterback Blaine Garbutt back in 2011 (Blaine Gabbert). Rivera said, "when you choose the show, you see their abilities through everything. Their biggest difference is that Newton worked very hard, and Blaine felt good about us. After , Garbutt was selected in ninth place by Jacksonville Jaguar, and completed 5, 22 and 22 losses in 2 seasons. After that, he was traded to San Francisco in 2014. Last season, Colin Kaepernick became the first place.Reprint: on 2015 China Youth Summer Camp Activities Notice | Bowling bowling notification on the National Youth bowling summer camp in 2015 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- notification on the activities of the 2015 National Youth bowling summer camp (campus line)

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