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The official website of NFL | The Associated Press best lineup announced a record | football linebacker Mike The card Lille - Mike (Khalil Mack) created history. Mike's versatility and bravery showed him the first time in The Associated Press's 2015 best lineup in two positions. This is the first time a player has done this in NFL history. The two - year Oakland raider, defensive end and outside guard, received enough support from the 50 media Press Committee on Friday. Before , a player like J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) had been selected for a while in one position and selected two in another position. Watt this season in the defensive end position got all 50 tickets, also do this and the Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson). I'll do anything that can help the team win. I'm a team player, and Mike, who has captured 15.5 times this season, says. Either pass or disarm after impact passer. I'll do one of these things. I think they see this. 2015 season's best squad list for the The Associated Press: : cam Newton (quarterback Cam Newton), the Carolina Panthers running back: Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson), the Minnesota Viking cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s; Doug - Martin (Doug Martin), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all: Mike - Tolbert (Mike Tolbert), Carolina black leopard : Antonio Brown took over (Antonio Brown), Pittsburgh Steelers; Julio - Jones (Julio Jones), Atlanta falcons The proximal front: Robert - Gelon (Rob Gronkowski), 'the new England patriots offensive tackle: Andrew Whitworth (Andrew Whitworth), Cincinnati tigers; Joe Thomas (Joe Thomas), Cleveland Brown guard: David - De Castro (David DeCastro), Pittsburgh Steelers; Marshall - (Marshal, Yanda) of Yan Baltimore crow Center: Ryan Kalil, carrina PantherJustin - Gilbert (Justin Gilbert) was hit by the possibility of reinvigorating his career. Gilbert due to the violation of regulations on the use of drugs by the Union Union president Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) in the 2017 season four game ban. , who had been selected at eighth in the draft, is now a free player. In Cleveland Brown was selected after he spent two seasons disappointing, then Brown in the last offseason traded him to Pittsburgh Steelers for 2018 sixth round draft picks. Gilbert last season for the Steelers played in 12 games, then the Steelers cut him in February of this year. It is worth paying attention to whether there will be a team willing to bet on him at the age of 25.The New Jersey was white and added fine stripes, inspired by the shirt style of the European champion, the Vera team in 1982. The Jersey is self-contained, which fits perfectly the athlete's body outline and the small holes under the armpit, making air permeability best. These technological innovations ensure athletes to play best in the field. Of course, the Jersey chest containing the lion badge pattern and Macron Aston Villa Logo.Beijing time October 27th, the Baltimore crows at home to meet the Miami dolphins. A game last week, crow lost to the Minnesota Vikings, and the Miami dolphins in the last moments of victory over the New York jets. It seems that the dolphin's momentum seems to be better. The first half of was first made by the crow. Jay - Jay took 21 yards out of a wonderful run, but then the dolphin didn't go further and did not have to kick it. A round of exchange of rights, the ball came to the hands of the crow of Baltimore. The crow put a shotgun formation, four Joe Flacco right directly to the far-reaching region of the Jeremy - Mclean, who completed a touchdown catch have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, then kicker Justin Tucker firmly hit additional points, 7-0 ahead of the crow! second, the dolphin attack team in the same sleepwalking, but the crow's scoring efficiency is not satisfactory, only to rely on two shots to expand the score to 13-0. Placid situation was Joe Flacco's back injury break, crow quarterback was the dolphins linebacker Alonso kirke in a fierce tackle choose run, have to end concussion treatment. Substitute quarterback Ryan Malet in the first two files follow the prescribed order to punch the ball, and then suddenly find the right short proximal Moto A - Watson, the latter at Granada array. half end, the Baltimore crows 20-0 points lead! In the second half of the , the Miami dolphin's pavement defense was very effective, but defensive end Ndamm Kong Su had made a lot of efforts in a meaningless personal foul. Fortunately, the dolphins defense group three anti, Swat and shoot off Justin Tucker's shot, did not let the score further widening. The games played quarterback Matt Moore in the whole section are trying to pass on both sides of the site, although failed to score, but at least let people see some hope of catching up. fourth section of the opening, it is not easy to find some feeling that the Miami dolphin was again hit. Raven line guard CJ- Mosley in the air directly cut off the dolphin substitutes for the quarterback Matt - Moore's pass, complete a wave of more than 60 yards of the back attack! Although the subsequent two - point conversion failed to be made, it has also established a 26 point lead! has no way to open up the situation was very hot scenes of dolphins flighty and impetuous. But even luck stood on the crow. Running back Allen did not catch the ball, but the ball rolled into the end zone or crow control team. Wrong into the wrong, the crow took another 6 points, 33-0 ahead! The nightmare of dolphins did not end. The first interceptions and did not let Matt Moore vigilant, finally had second interceptions, defender Jimmy Smith from defensive to offensive, complete the second interception return touchdown. with the crow three times on one knee, the game time to walk. 40-0, this score is more frightening than the zero seal last week. See the schedule, we should pay more for the dolphins nieyibahan.

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