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The official website of NFL, the Patriots defensive end kald did not travel to away, football nest continues to ferment around the riddle of seven people on the frontline of the Patriot defense team. NFL official reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Patriots defensive end Jabbar shield (Jabaal Sheard) due to its own reason did not travel to San Francisco and San Francisco will play against the 49 person game Friday night kald on his Instagram in Boston released a match Celtic photos, and then went to the San Francisco patriot flight has been off. The news now confirms the speculations of the picture. Coach Bill - Biliqieke kald is absent from (Chandler Jones) for the Patriots defensive attack and linebacker position made a series of interesting decisions the latest one. The Patriots in the offseason will have potential impact but expensive passing hand Chandler Jones traded to the Arizona Cardinals, then, in the middle of the season, the Patriots will not be able to control the linebacker Jamie Collins (Jamie Collins) traded to Cleveland Brown. These changes have good and bad consequences, Aigo bad pass is their impact in arch-criminal play against the Seattle Seahawks. Sheard scored 3.5 hits, ranked second in the team and 8 games in the season, but he has only got 2 tackles since sixth weeks ago. At the end of the season will be cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a free agent Sheard in the team lineup depth informal list is still listed as the starting defensive ends, but Trevor Flowers (Trey Flowers) may fill his position in the next game; Flowers in the last 2 games have 4 sacks, is currently the team has captured and killed the most the players. Biliqieke's mid season lineup from the patch will not make people feel boring. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The job at buffalo Bill's search for the new general manager is over. Bill announced that Brandon Bean (Brandon Beane) will be the new general manager of the team, instead of Doug Wiley (Doug Whaley), who was dismissed after the draft. Bean and Bill, the manager of Sean Mcdermott (Sean McDermott), were very familiar with a 5 - year contract, the same as Mcdermott. Bean had been working for 19 years in the Carolina panther and was the assistant general manager of the black panther in the last two seasons. He served as the 8 year manager of the team before he took the position. works with leopard, Bean and Dave - Gethmann, one of the league's best general managers. In the meantime, he witnessed Mcdermott as an excellent defensive coach. this decision can be said to be expected if Wiley's time of dismissal is somewhat unexpected. Mcdermott was given great power to shape Bill according to his wishes. there is no doubt that Mcdermott and Bean believe they can lead Bill to turn over. The question is whether Bill will have enough patience to wait for the team to spend a few seasons.on a Saturday night game just ended, San Diego lightning kick catch up from behind, the 38-35 winner in overtime in San Francisco 49 people home court. The whole game, 49 quarterback Nick Colin - Capet (Colin Kaepernick) 114 yards with 1 touchdowns and 151 yards rushing and 1 touchdowns long. An external over Kunlun boerding (Anquan Boldin) the ball 61 yards, veteran running back Frank Gore completed 158 yard run, and scored 1 touchdowns. In the light of lightning, the quarterback Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers) passes 356 yards with 4 arrays, but is cut 3 times. The running guard Brandon Oliver (Brandon Oliver), who was the first to start Ryan Matthews, had a good performance, 53 yards and 28 yards. The near end Antonio Gates (Antonio Gates) took the tenth time of the season, and had his ninety-ninth career. Wide receiver Eddie (Eddie Royal) Royall ball 94 yards and scored 1 touchdowns. Unknown receiver (Dontrelle Inman) - Tangteleier ginman completed several key ball, 7 ball game with 79 yards. the first section of the game initiative by 49 people, Capet Nick and Bracey successively and boerding Wei - Miller (Bruce MIller) the connection is successful, with 2 times the first work. In the first section of the game with 13 minutes 22 seconds, Gore guard Mike Youpadi (Mike Iupati) under the cover of the March, completed 52 yards touchdown. It is also the longest distance of the 49 - man season. Then the offensive group led by Rivers failed, 49 people from the 29 yards out to attack, 2 fouls by the opponent scored the red zone. But at a distance of 5 yards at the end, Miller in the holding process by safety Eric Weddle (Eric Weddle) and Marcus (Marcus Gilchrist) - Gil Crist blocked off the ball. Cory - Corey Liuget grabbed the right to return the ball. 49 people missed a chance to score at the end of the day. Lightning, led by Rivers, was steadily advancing and gradually attacking halfway. However, a long attempt at Rivers, 49 cornerback Cox Pelosi reesh (Perrish Cox) took over a kilo - grab sayy Tutu (Seyi Ajiortutu) on the outside before take the ball, also finished the season's fifth steals. The 49 men have once completed a touchdown, but Bordin's 21 yard ball from the left Jiefeng Joe stahly (Joe Staley) the holding was canceled. At the end of the first game, 49 people were 7-0 ahead of the lightning. at the beginning of the second quarter, Capet Nick first used his power to get the first run, followed by a 10 yard pass to find the rookie receiver Bruce - 〉Zhu Casey (Jurrell Casey) - Rael has signed contract with the Tennessee Titans for many years a to make sure he would stay until the 2018 season in the team. "we are very excited to reach a contract agreement with Jurel," the general manager Webster Ralston (Ruston Webster) said in a statement. "This is Zhu Rael on their own performances and work attitude of the. We appreciate Jurel's professionalism in this process and hope to have a good future. The continuation of the negotiations lasted for months. The team hopes to make sure he can stay in the free agent market next year on the 2011 three wheeled show. Casey's agent Drew Rosen Moorhouse (Drew Rosenhaus) told NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) that this is a 4 year value of 36 million dollars, to protect the income of 20 million 500 thousand dollars. According to the figures given by the broker, the contract made Casey the tallest player in the Titan's salary. His security income is also the highest in the whole team. , the defensive cut-off, played a professional bowl last season, made 10.5 escapement and 55 grabs. As an inconspicuous strong player, Casey was the epitome of the underestimated Titan defense team in 2013. When the Titan was converted to 3-4 defense under the defense coordinator, ray Houghton, Casey's performance was worth paying attention to and he would play a key role in defense.

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