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The official website of NFL | Eagle boss: Mccoy is not Kelly's style of football | recently there from Philadelphia Eagle boss learned why the team will run Weile Sean - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) traded to Buffalo Bill for linebacker chick Alonso (Kiko Alonso). The boss of NFL annual meeting Tuesday, the boss Jeffrey - Lu Rui (Jeffrey Lurie) said the reason: we have discussed the value of Mccoy, he is a great player but he is not the kind of chip - Kelly (Chip Kelly) style player. After the transaction of Mccoy, the salary space of the team allowed the team to finish signing the contract with DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews (Rayn Mathews). Lu Rui explained: to get more players is Kelly's game model, Mccoy is a great runner, but he is also a very high salary player. In order to improve the impact of our attack team, this is what Ke cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lly has to do and he needs the players to be able to play the most in his teaching. Mccoy seemed to know his fate. After the 2013 season, his data began to fall. Last season, he kept holding the ball from 5.9 yards to 4.3 yards. Then let's look forward to how Murray and Mathews can finish the efficient run under Kelly's tactics.Saint Louis rams are willing to give the quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) a chance. Albert Brill (Albert Breer), a NFL official, reported on Thursday that the former champion was still in the team's plan after 2014. Bradford missed most of the season with a tear in the knee cruciate ligament last season, and he reimbursed the 2014 season after a recur of the old pre - season injuries this year. The team's kindness to get a response: NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) late Thursday reported that Bradford would also like to return to the team. Sean - Hill (Shaun Hill) and Austen Davies (Austin Davis) this season to replace the Bradford game and have varying degrees of success. Bradford went on a trip to the stadium this season and had been on the base of the team. Brill has been told he plans to start next season before adding a quarterback, but Bradford may still be in the 2015 season's first game as a starter. Return to Bradford to become the financial problems may need to be addressed. He will get nearly $13 million in the next season and will make up more than $16 million in the salary cap. This number is too much for a player who has seriously injured his knee for two consecutive seasons and has not proved himself. but the management wants Bradford back, coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) is. He told Brill that Bradford and the team owner Stan Kroenke were the main reasons he took over the boss of the goats in January 2012. Bradford will be the team to overcome the difficulties of the people? Some surprising is that the ram still thinks he is.U. S. time Monday night games, new England Patriots will be silent for 18 - year - old American children killed on Thursday in a Palestinian terrorist attack. , Schwartz (Ezra Schwartz) is a Massachusetts resident, and patriot fans, his hometown is at Gillette stadium in Foxborough near. patriot's boss Robert Craft (Robert Kraft) is a Jew. He received Schwartz's letters from his former friends. His friends hope that the Patriot can make Schwartz's pre match silence, in order to thank him for his support. so our patriot saw this silence before the opening of the ball to Buffalo Bill.Tennessee Titan recently fired her offensive linemen Ken Hunter huison (Ken Whisenhunt), a people are very surprised, but know why people ask is "why only now fired?" It is reported that fired because of unable to protect the quarterback, his mistake led to include Jack Rooker (Jake Locker), Zach Berg (Zach Mettenberger) man Teng, Marcus - Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) three quarterback injured, although the Titans think this is just a matter of luck. , according to a message from inside the team, "these problems are partly from offensive line, but a part of it is not. We are worried that our offensive line may never play a protective role." Because invested heavily in Mario Kobita. Obviously, Titan did not want his quarterback to be injured any more, so the layoff became more reasonable. news: Tennessee Titan cut off the running West

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