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The official website of NFL | von Miller: no back label contract to play football | privilege von Miller (Von Miller) did not plan to get a contract renewal in the new season for the Denver Mustang. Miller made this point on his Instagram account Thursday. I love my teammates, coaches, and my fans, but I can't be in the 2016 season with a privileged label contract, throughout the offseason Miller and Mustang are to negotiate a new contract. The fiftieth Super Bowl MVP rejected a $114 million 500 thousand contract last week that could have made Miller the top defensive player in the league. reports that the biggest disagreement between the two sides is to protect income and Miller's income for the first three years of the contract. The Philadelphia striker Fletcher Cox - defensive Eagle (Fletcher Cox) signed a 6 year guarantee income reached a staggering $63 million contract, Miller will not accept this is lower than the price. He may want to get a far more than the price of the contract. Mustang can be renewed at the latest by the July 15th deadline. After that, Miller's final choice was to go to war with a $14 million 129 thousand privilege label contract, but he said it was impossible. does not have a super large quarterback contract for wild horses. We fully believe that the Mustang can fix the contrac cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t before the deadline.The official website of NFL | Raiders team general manager Murray | football running back praising Oakland Raiders running back, Weiyousi - Murray (Latavius Murray) has now become experts and fans in the eyes of the meat and potatoes, which is one of the highest expected value of the new season by players. He was 6 feet 3 and weighed 230 pounds. He was the few big runner in the league and was once asked to change the line in college. And now Murray gifted, a lot of people compare it to the next big top running back, like Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson) and Demake - Murray (DeMarco Murray). When talked about it, Murray said, "few people can combine big and fast speed." I really have seen a lot of Peterson and Demake - Murray's game, but now I want to do is focus on the play of my own. This is the second grade students understand, Peterson and Demake - Murray is the league's top two running backs, and they only had 82 rushing experience. The first thing he has to do is to stabilize his first position. Murray continued: I am now fully engaged in training, to ensure that I will not go back, and move forward to the benchmarks in my heart. It's not a small thing for me to have a lot of ball games in the game, so I need to adapt to the attack system as soon as possible and play with my teammates. Raiders general manager Reggie Mackenzie (Reggie McKenzie) of the praise, he thinks that Murray's physical condition, if you can stay healthy, single season rushing yards broken completely is not a problem. There is no doubt that he can do everything. Mackenzie said.Handball |2012 London Olympic Games torch lit |8000 torch relay | hand Association Luca Beijing time on May 10th at 17 PM, the London 2012 Olympic torch ceremony held in the ancient Olympia arena: the London Olympic torch lit, the torch journey begins. 16:35, host poem "Olympia light", then chairman of the mayor of Olympia, Greece, the torch relay Committee with Roger, chairman of International Olympic Committee Phineas, the Greek Olympic Committee Chairman Capra Los, the London Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Sebastian C speech. At the time of 17, the sacred fire gathering ceremony began, and 14 men and women were lined up by the ruins of the temple of Hera to form a variety of sports. Accompanied by melodious bagpipes, 26 female priests in the temple of Hera ruins, the highest priestess ino - melony Jiaqi Holding Torch tank went to the center of the field, Apollo read aloud the sun god of the hymn "Olympic light", after the torch on the concave mirror, then the flame burning. The 9 year old boy, Carlo Ross, who took part in the fire ceremony, was given to Main Jia Chi from the olive branch removed from the altar. Melony Jiaqi lit the first torchbearer of the Greek swimmer Ianni Otis in the hands of 32 year old torch with the burning flame, and a symbol of peace, victory and glory of the olive branch to him. Otis Ianni left hand to hold the olive branch, right hand holding the torch, and began his run along the ancient Olympic trip, all the way to the East, and through the village of Olympia stadium...... The torch relay of the London Olympic Games began in 2012. , according to the delivery route map released by the London Olympic Organizing Committee, the 2012 London Olympic torch relay was held in Greece, Britain and Ireland, instead of the global torch relay. The transmission in Britain will begin in May 19th, which lasted for 70 days, with a total length of 8000 miles, and a total of 8000 torchbearers 1 miles per person. On the way, they will cross the famous places such as Stonehenge. The Olympic torch will arrive at the main stadium on the evening of the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games, and then the main torch will be ignited. (North and South)let four Wei (Cam Newton) - Newton Kamm became one of the highest paid League quarterback, the Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davies has given (Thomas Davis) sent a new contract. Black Panther announced on Monday that they had renewed their contract with Davies for 2 years. According to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Davies will now earn 17 million 750 thousand dollars in the next three years, including the signing bonus of 9 million dollars. Thomas has been and will continue to be a part of our team on the pitch and indispensable, "general manager David Gethmann (Dave Gettleman) said in a statement. "His leadership is of great value, and he still maintains a high level of performance. We are happy to renew our contract with him. He is the key player in our defense team and we are happy that he will be able to retire as a member of the Panther. Davies, aged 32, recovered from three knee cruciate ligament tears and became one of the top 4-3 - line guards in the league. He is skilled in ball defense and selected the best line-up of the middle linebacker Luke Qikeli (Luke Kuechly) together to strengthen defense to speed in the kick-off line. He should have gained a career bowl because of his excellent performance. Davies Qikeli formed the backbone of the Panthers defense group, they ranked second in the 2013 season in December last season and averaged only allowing 10.8. is no surprise that Davies's new contract will allow him to retire in the 10 year old panther.

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