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even-even soccer equipment net year after year stay at the top, Messi's performance was not questioned. Gatorade, as a player sponsor, has launched a video video to show the world Messi's determination to keep forging ahead. Argentina in a bundle of bright light perfect to show his ability, making micro video exquisite reminder can never imagine Messi can achieve high. Messi, who has proved to be the best football player today, shows the world an incapable ambition. The launch of video is a successful action for Gatorade. As shown in the picture above, Messi's performance is connected with energy and wants to achieve more and more success, which is inseparable from Gatorade's infinite energy. Whether functional sports drinks or other products, we think you will want to try several bottles. Of course, what you cheap nfl jerseys free shipping expect is to have the power of it to behave like Messi, · · · · · · .the Dallas Cowboys fans to really uncomfortable, according to ESPN news reporter, cowboy star tight end Jason - Witten (Jason Witten) empty out for third weeks against the Atlanta falcons game. is actually an American football field no matter what is certain, but there is one thing you can be sure that Jason will be sidelined Sunday on the sidelines. although there are so many injuries, you can't be sure if there will be a player who will continue to play with a sprained ankle and knee. If anyone can do that, then believe this man is Jason.The official website of NFL | near end McGowan Beller occupation football | eye-catching performance recently, on behalf of NFL32 team in Texas to participate in the occupation activities once a year held at Baylor University, including Houston Dezhou coach Bill - Obrien (Bill O'Brien), the Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman (Rick Spielman), Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin - Colbert (Kevin Colbert) and Bishop coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin), a total of 67 NFL personnel attended the event. in addition to a player from Tarleton State University, a total of 16 players from Baylor University participated in the test. The test sites were arranged in the stadium, and the results were recorded electronically. height 6 feet 6 and 405 pounds of proximal fengle - McGowan (LaQuan McGowan) quartu two 40 yard DASH scores were 5.55 and 5.41, while the vertical jump and standing jump distance is up to 24 inches and 8 feet 2, his 20 yard shuttle run score of 5.47 seconds, and three the vertebral test score is 8.24 seconds, at the same time, he also completed the 30 225 pound bench, for this body type players can produce such data is very satisfactory. It can be said that McGowan is the occupation day the biggest surprise, if you don't know much about him on the pitch, then take a look at the 18 year old last season against the University of Kansas touchdowns!The official website of NFL | pony boss recalled PICK: thanks to his opponent we | football held a press conference on Tuesday, Indianapolis, with the presence of team owner Jim - Jim Irsay. During the interview, yil expressed his gratitude and blessing to Payton Manning (Peyton Manning), and also mentioned that only winning a championship title in Manning's Pony career can not accurately reflect his success. Yel said that both sides would feel sorry for that. later, eel recalled something related to the Andrew Andrew Luck and the draft of the year. Some surprisingly, he thanked a former Jacksonville Jaguar player during the interview. "I want to thank Maurice Jones Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew) very much," he said. "It is he who defeated us in the last match of the 2011 season, which allowed us to sign the champion. His performance changed our destiny. in January 1, 2012, Jones - Drew held the ball 25 times in a match with the pony and ran out of 169 yards. With its excellent performance, the Jaguar defeated the pony. The pony also locked the number one, and selected the lax in the subsequent draft. From the current record and performance of the team, the fates of the pony are really changed because of the draft.

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