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in his 12 season and led the team to win two Super Bowl champion, Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) as the New York giants coach days are over. "I this afternoon and John - Mara (John Mara) and Steve (Steve Tisch) - thies kg met, I told them I resigned as coach of the most consistent with the interests of the team," he said in a statement. "I'm very confident that this is the right time for me, my family and the giants, as I said. It's always a pleasure to be the coach of the New York giant. It's not a time for me to feel sad. " met in Coughlin and Mara and thies kg for more than an hour from behind the news. He then informed his coach team in the afternoon. Coughlin, Mara and general manager Jerry - Rees (Jerry Reese) will attend the news conference Tuesday. is the official selection for this description Coughlin resigned. He has a year left in his contract. However, there is no doubt that if there is a good chance will still choose to continue coaching career she was. He used to say that he was still young for the job - Kao Fulin was 49 years old until he got the first NFL Manager - and was going to continue to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping teach. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) also said Coughlin may accept the right opportunity to coach again. the giant base was shrouded in a sad atmosphere on Monday. Quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) in an interview he only mentioned the play for the NFL manager had to hold back tears: "he did not let the players disappointed," Manning said. "We disappoint him." The coach has become a victim of many unfortunate circumstances intertwined in 2015. In the original staff defensive depth weak defense and seven people in the front line stretched so that he can't make bricks without straw. Victor Victor, who was once expected to work with Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham), was reimbursed for the operation season when he never played on this season. Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) was absent for most of the season due to an amputation of a fire accident. And the fortune that has been accumulated during the last two championships seems to have been used out in a special way. The team lost 1/4 of the Games in the last 13 seconds, including the loss of the Dallas cowboys and the home court against the new England patriots. Coughlin also bear part of the responsibility, he admitted that in the whole season and for many years. In the coaches because of lack of responsibility and fired in, Coughlin is always the first to stand up to bear the enormous burden of coaching the New York team. Since 2007, Rees, who has been the giant General Manager, will be the first to be in charge of the manager's search. 〉NFL official website of the Miami dolphins | re signed Josh Freeman | Rugby on Tuesday announced the Miami dolphins quarterback Josh Freeman will team (Josh Freeman) again to sign the team, the signing of a surprise, because this distance the dolphins will drop out of the team just 4 days Freeman cut. It is not known why dolphins have made such an abnormality, and it is estimated that it is likely that the new contract has made some changes in the wording. for Freeman, it only adds a luster to his career record, which highlights his pathetic from the talented new generation quarterback to the training camp's leftover. Freeman will be starters Ryan (Ryan Tannehill) Tanja Hill substitute Matt Moore (Matt Moore) after as the team's No. third quarterback. Although was re signed up, but for Freeman to stay in the final list of 53 national people's Congress is still very arduous challenge, unless the two quarterback suffered injuries or Freeman can show a stunning performance in training camp, otherwise impossible.on Friday U.S. time, the Mustang Hall of Famer Reed Miller (Red Miller) and the occupation Football Hall of Famer, running back Terrell Davies Mustang (Terrell Davis) held a ceremony, the Mustang boss John Elvis (John Elway) expression of the team is not full. Elvis said: "frankly, we played soft, pre-season matches, the first 3-1. In this case, after Hugh week, the performance is a drop. It's a big trouble, and I'm unkind to say, we're in this situation now, and it's hard to rebound. This is a good lesson for us, and I hope it won't happen again. " in addition to the continuous loss of Elvis was the Patriots play flower are also very dissatisfied. "in the league who will lose lose, but vastly different ways, my most anxious question is, did not play the game of competition. We are not uncompetitive, we have to learn how to overcome the difficulties. " Alvey saysIn 2015 the Suzhou hurricanes one Bowling for third weeks Lu Rongming won | Bowling Tournament 2015 Suzhou hurricane one bowling third week season, fairway name G1G2G3G4 points plus bare week week minus score sharing lucky ranked name 9--1 Lu Rongming 205227248221901 901225831 Lu Rongming 10--2 first 214211225225875 875219725 second Mianren Xiao Xiao Mianren 10--1 Xu Wenjun 201175256194826 826207756 third 2112261782038186 824206659 fourth Caixiang king Xu Wenjun 11--2 Wang Caixiang 14--1 Li Jianqiang 185224212193814 Li Jianqiang 172178224226800 Wang Yulong 814204 lucky 1 9--2 800200 single high Wang Yulong 13--2 bear 203224171200798 798200 active 66: active 13--1 Gao Yongxiang 183204178225790 Gao Yongxiang 790198 bears 736184 lucky 3 Xu Haiqiang 14--2 Xu Haiqiang 17118416818971224 Wang Jian 156212 12--1 16817571124735184 lucky 2 Wang Jian 11--1 Ma sueyoshi 183145169214711 12--2 711178 Ma Jiqing Huang Suizhen 138222189179728 20708182 lucky 4 yellow Suizhen champion Lu Rongming runner up Mianren Shaw season army Army

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