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Spontaneous offseason training is generally warm in nature, his teammates each other between gas and gas, to avoid the intense physical contact in general in order to adapt to the main. But in the training of the Raiders, it doesn't seem to be the case. , according to CSN reporter Scott Baer (Scott Bair), the Raiders have been fighting three times in a team training team on Tuesday local time. The first is the Raiders this year huataijiaqian signed offensive guard Kaileqi - ossun Mary (Kelechi Osemele) and rookie defensive end jeeha - Ward (Jihad Ward) each hit, then attack guard Jon Feliciano (Jon Feliciano) and defensive tackle Leon orr (Leon Orr) cheap nfl jerseys free shipping struggling together, then rookie guard Wadaer - Alexander (Vadal Alexander) and defensive end Damon Terry Moore (Damontre Moore) conflict. , the head coach of the raider, Jack Del - Rio (Jack Del-Rio), said it was not clear. He said, "I don't know why they are so angry. I guess they may be too happy to play at the weekend, or watch the warrior, thunder and robbing seven last night. These events today are good lessons for us. These quarrels and conflicts are unnecessary. They are not consistent with our mutual respect. The protagonists of these three conflicts are basically the new people in the team, they can not understand our team culture, the responsibility is all in me. I hope we don't waste time and energy on such things. We need to be tough, but not tough. Following the order is the most fundamental.The official website of NFL | Oregon cornerback knee can get compensation from out of school | football Oregon cornerback IFO - AIKE (Ifo Ekpre-Olomu) - Olum Puri is a have a round draft level player, but he recently suffered a serious knee injury which forced him to launch a college football playoff and a direct impact on next year's draft before the king he. But in early in the season before he made a wise move: if he was elected in the General Assembly on the draft will be hidden University of Oregon receive compensation of $3 million. ESPN reported, University of Oregon to IFO on a losing compensation insurance. At present, more and more schools are taking this way to ensure that their high level players are able to do their best to play for themselves. The of this policy would fall out of the first round of the Ifo in time to give him some compensation, with round after the shift will increase the compensation, if he slipped out of the third international will get $3 million in compensation. Offensive tackle Cedric Aug Buhai of Dezhou A & M (Cedric Ogbuehi) from the school received compensation similar to this, they can ensure intentnesses for school effectiveness.Bowling | world open 3- reported Wang Zhiyong temporarily entered the preliminaries before 16 world open report 3 7 month 9 - the first day of the preliminaries, completed the six round of the preliminaries. China has one of the top 16 international players. Wang Zhiyong has 701 rows of fourteenth. There are four more games tomorrow. The Chinese team refuel!The official website of NFL | Tennessee Titans coach Hunter huison fired | football Tennessee Titans announced Tuesday cut coach Ken Hunter huison (Ken Whisenhunt), the assistant Mike - Murazzi (Mike Mularkey) will temporarily take over the post of coach team.

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