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Our football equipment network news today we introduce in detail the 2018 Russia World Cup Jersey template. Adidas Condivo the 2018 World cup jerseys template has 7 colors to choose from, and it is a template for many national teams used during the world cup, and is expected to be launched in December. Adidas Adidas ?????/?? solar yellow / Black What do you think of the new Adidas Condivo 2018 World cup jerseys template, please express your views and opinions in the comments below.Bowling | 2015 Beijing famous enterprises and institutions of the bowling competition ended 2015 Beijing well-known enterprises and institutions bowling competition successfully completed , sponsored by Beijing evening news reader club and Beijing Bowling Association, "2015 Beijing famous enterprises and institutions Bowling Competition" ended successfully in December 26th in Beijing East environmental protection arena. A total of 50 teams participated, the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping competition adopted the Beck style three team competition system, each team played four points in the top twelve of the award. The end of the top twelve are: 1, ronshine sports teams, three teams, 2 voyage bowling, 3, East 3D team, 4, 5, Yong ice band, and his club team, 6, 7, 50 after Changying team, team 8 wins, Hondar team, 9, most of the new three team 10, Beijing diplomatic service bureau personnel, team 11, team 12, Huatai Zijin City, security forces.even-even football club official network equipment of Crystal Palace in England today officially announced the team's 2017-18 season new Macron home court Jersey, classic design since the New Jersey show club for nearly half a century's favorite style -- red and blue stripes, the details of the design is emphasized as the South London club pride. technology, using the Macron Brand New Jersey Italian slim, key areas of the mesh fabric has good ventilation function, help the players to heat faster during exercise and sweating. Jersey back below shows in five districts of South London's name, Bromley (Bromley), Croydon (Croydon), Lambeth (Lambeth), Lewis Sohm (Lewisham) and sasik (Southwark) embedded in a ribbon in their.In the base of | foreign referees debut national softball preliminaries | enforcement penalty generally accepted diagram for the United States referee John Richard in the ruling Cleveland March 25 Xishuangbanna Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiangqian) two foreign referee key matches games softball preliminaries today, the law enforcement penalty won many domestic referees and coaches! Due to the reduction of the number of softball finals and only 6 places in the National Games this year, 9 teams will compete for the remaining 5 places, so the preliminaries will be very fierce, because the number of the softball finals in the National Games will be reduced by only 6 places. in order to avoid controversial penalty and penalty, the maximum extent to ensure the fairness of the competition, Chinese Softball Association invited two experienced, the level of excellent foreign international referee key events by the International Softball Federation: one is from the United States, the 65 year old referee John Richard, a Canadian woman referee Gostola Bonnie Fay. in relation to the two key finals on today, two foreign referees go into battle, the judging one game, two games are very smooth, two foreign law enforcement referee won widespread recognition. is the Canadian female referee Gostola Bonnie Fay in the Canada Gostola Bonnie Fay when the female referee holds when cutting out the Sichuan team with the Henan team out of the stadium fence, a lot of domestic counterparts when it comes to her in English: Good Job! The same situation also occurred in the United States law enforcement referee John Richard after the Jiangsu team and the Guangdong team after the match. Until it came back to the lodgings, there were many referees holding up their thumbs after seeing two foreign referees or using Good Job to praise them. has led the Jiangsu softball coach Song Qiuyuan won good grades on foreign referees in judging the situation said: I feel fine scale with the domestic referee is almost the same, now our domestic and international referee referee level there is no big difference, the foreign judgment process we also found no what special situation. , the head coach of the National Women's softball team, who is the chief of the Sichuan team, said that the foreign referee's penalty is still in place, Liu Yaming said. Although individual balls have some views on individual players, it is normal. Foreign referees come here to enforce the law, to give everyone the feeling of feeling more steadfast, there will be no other ideas, and the competition is more clean! The law enforcement of foreign referees is also well accepted. (finished)

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