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The official website of NFL and Brown, rookie cornerback Howard - Werwilson knee injury in rugby nest Cleveland Brown's fourth rookie this year may have announced that he will miss the 2017 season. Wilson Wilson (Howard Wilson) fractured knee bone in the team's first rookie Mini training camp. Hue Jackson, the chief manager, said he would be absent from a large amount of time. Wilson said in the team statement that he would be operated on. When asked if Wilson would be reimbursed for the season, Jackson just said he would not. Brown chose Wilson to make up the corner, so his loss would have a huge impact. The depth of the lineup after the first Hayden - Hayden (Joe Haden) and Jamal - Taylor (Jamar Taylor) is a major hazard for Brown. at any cheap nfl jerseys free shipping time, it's not good when you want to see how a player you selected can lose on the first day of his contribution to the team. Jackson said. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.ESPN in the big layoffs, FOX is cheerfully recruiting. They've got a bunch of former NFL players, this time with the hall of fame runner Eric - Dixon (Eric Dickerson). Dixon will be a NFL analyst. last year Dixon had a pretty big opinion about the ram Geoff Jeff Fisher (Fisher), which played a role in promoting Fisher's eventual fry. will be his most eye-catching post on a short Monday night race border reporter.The official website of NFL | Du mervil goal: to create a new record into the Super Bowl football | players sometimes get criticized for putting their personal goals on the team's goals. But Elvis Dumervil, the Elvis of the Baltimore crows, has found a way to integrate them. Du Merl Weil was 10 bad for the 100 quarterback in his career before the start of the season, but it's not the main milestone he cares about. Du mervil put the number 23 written on a piece of paper stuck in his locker, his goal is to beat the New York giants defensive end Michael straughan Hall of Fame - (Michael Strahan) single season sack record (22.5 times), and he was quick to point out that his power is not to break the record obtained from praise. if I can reach that number, it means we're going to get into the super bowl, and dumerville tells the local media. You try to win the game and you try to win the championship. For me, nothing is more important, because you can get beautiful data and be praised by people, but if you can only sit at home at last, it will really make data meaningless. Du mervil last season with 17 sacks ranked third in the league, and he also set a new team record, he may continue to also want to pay attention to his teammates Terrell Saggers (Terrell Suggs) are a major threat to the opponent quarterback. It's not impossible to get such a killing data, but for duer, to make the crow enter the super bowl next year, it's not enough to rely on its super performance.San Francisco 49 full guard Bruce - Miller (Bruce Miller) was released last week, was arrested because of the implementation of domestic violence. local police in the day showed Miller's record of domestic violence cases. after 49 officials said, "the 49 people's related organizations will pay attention to the behavior of players including Miller, and we are sorry to have received such a news report." Miller release came at a time when the 49 began to record players past misdeeds, last year they faced ray Macdonald (Ray McDonald) the domestic violence cases, then because of his rape investigation and completely surrender. Miller is the seventh round draft player. He has completed 3 touchdown in the past 2 seasons. His main responsibility in attacking group is to stop and believe that the team's tolerance for him is limited.

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