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The official website of NFL, the Vikings veteran linebacker Chad greenway, retiring nest football Chad (Chad Greenway) - Greenwich will end his 11 year NFL career. The Minnesota Vikings announced on Monday that the veteran will be retiring on Tuesday at a news conference. greenway has devoted his entire career to the Vikings, who took fourth of his 1334 rankings. In his 156 games, he got 18 escapement in the regular season, 32 break passes and 11 copies. has long been the Vikings defensive team Dinghaishenzhen Greenwich was selected in the 2006 draft after the first round, he twice elected occupation bowl, three degrees to become the team's defensive MVP group. Greenway's work for the fans outside the field was also much praised. He set up a foundation to provide more educational and medical opportunities for children and families in need. Greenway has been considering retirement since the end of last season. He might have been a free agent, but he said he had no intention of playing for any team except Vikings. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.(Moritz Boehringer) - Moritz Ballinger on time t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o participate in the football game in the German football league. The next time he put on his shirt, he was a member of the Minnesota Vikings. in this year's draft in the sixth round we witnessed history, Ballinger became the first direct from Europe League into the NFL player. Bollinger is very suitable for joining the Vikings. He began to interest in football just five years ago, he was on the Internet to watch some of the Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) breakthrough defense video. Bollinger, a 22 year old, has quickly become the top European League, the star of the German American Football League, after joining his home team. He arrived in the United States in February 29th and took his team's attention with a wonderful display day. The display day performance plus his ruling performance in the German league made him selected for the third day of the draft. "that's the meaning of the talent show - make the dream come true," said the Viking manager, Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer). "He's really a very smart kid... He understands this sport and repeats the different running routes for us. Obviously, he has a lot of work to do, but it has been a lot of fun. " was selected after Bollinger asked suddenly and Peterson became teammates how you feel, Bollinger said: "had the coolest thing."today, Adidas and Chelsea have released the third shirt for the 2013/14 season. When you are still immersed in the home game Jersey, I want the blue release campaign, adidas has launched the 2013/14 season third Chelsea Away Jersey. 's New Jersey is designed to reflect the future of football. In the ribs of the black shirt, there is a beautiful frosted gradient pattern, and the material becomes a netting, which makes the heat dissipation of the shirt more smooth. This is quite avant-garde design against metal silver three stripes logo, appears to be more reasonable, but the team crest consists of black and white. The metal silver three tracks down the shoulder, and the silver design industry appears at the cuff. 's new design has returned to the traditional black background, the first since Chelsea signed Adidas in 2006. In the history of Chelsea, black first appeared on the 1959 home shirt socks, while the 2002/03 season had the first all black stadium shirt. 's Antique Black Jersey uses the latest technology in Adidas to help players perform well on the field. Adidas's ClimaCool technology has applied a kind of material that controls hot and humid material, and the exhaust port and 3D knitted material also provide more adequate airflow protection for the main heating area.The official website of NFL | Super Bowl: 50 Americans will eat what to buy what? | football in the United States, whether or not it is a fan or not, it has long been a tradition of the United States to enjoy the super bowl. According to the U. S. retail alliance, more than 180 million of the Americans will watch the fiftieth NFL Super Bowl in the morning of February 8th Beijing time. is a very exciting match, so how do Americans spend the day on the super bowl? party If you are in the United States , whether you will host a Super Bowl party like the other 43 million 300 thousand people? If not, you can also participate in a party like the other 70 million people (data from the US retail Union's in-depth analysis and Research on Super Bowl consumption). With the rapid development of digital media, the televised video of fans has been more and more clear. The sales volume of TV in the US is very impressive on the eve of Super Bowl. About 8 million 700 thousand new TVs will find their buyers in the near future. statistics show that the total spending of Americans in the super bowl can even reach a double 11 level -- 15 billion 500 million dollars, and on average, everyone will spend 82.19 dollars on food, decoration and team costumes. The meaning of the super bowl has been far more than one entertainment, and it is a great stimulus to the economy. drink Nelson of the US market survey company has 2000 to 21 year old (legal drinking age) the drinking habits of Americans over the Super Bowl conducted a poll, the results It is as expected: 53% of respondents said they would drink beer and watch the game, choose to drink wine and spirits of the people accounted for 27%, and 8% respectively and 12% of the respondents chose the wine and flavored malt beverage. food is the same as Thanksgiving Day. Most people will suspend their diet plan and ignore the calories on the table. Very few people will care about how much potato chips or chicken wings they have eaten. Food has always been a popular topic on the Super Bowl day. Especially after losing a game by a supporting team, they turn their attention to all kinds of snacks, which can definitely forget the distress of losing. Below is food related statistics: - the whole American Hotel will receive 48 million on the day of the super bowl.

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