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The official website of NFL | Robert - Griffin III five potential home | football Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) announced that Kirk - Cousins in the local time on Monday (Kirk Cousins) will become the team during the regular season starting quarterback, the decision also represents the basic red has been on the Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III). In fact, since Griffin entered the league, the team has not been able to give him support and adequate, but in his three season in successive years largely reactionary trend has let people sigh, his rookie season total score as high as +31.6 and winning the best new year offensive show, after entering the second grade Griffin Sans the state began to decline, the total score of only -3.4, while the last season is even worse, the total score only too horrible to look at -17.2. , but Griffin III still showed some above average performances in competitions, such as his passing accuracy and so on. So if he can take the role of substitutes, he will still have a good market in the league. But his current contract situation makes it difficult for him to be traded. So Griffin's third team's joining other teams is b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping asically a free agent signing. Now let's see what teams are the potential home of Griffin III. Atlanta: Falcon Falcon has star quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) to do the first card, but only substitute less reassuring TJ- Yates (T.J.Yates), Sean Lanfuli (Sean Renfree) and Rex Grossman (Rex Grossman). The falcons offensive coordinator Kell Hill (Kyle Shanahan) - who request attack system on the quarterback is not high and the pressure is, and Griffin Sans had previously worked on both sides of the mountain, has a deep understanding of. In addition, Yates's performance in the pre - season is not satisfactory. The pre season total score is only -5.2 points, and it is difficult to be a qualified substitute. Baltimore: crow crow is also having a core quarterback but the lack of reliable backup, the backup quarterback Matt crow (Matt Schaub), bu Shao Shao cloth after the 2012 season is unable to get up after a fall over the past two seasons, showing a disaster. In addition the crow offensive coordinator is good at training quarterback Mark known for - tres Terman (Marc Trestman), if he will join Griffin III, from Treister Man to learn a lot of experience. Cleveland Brown: Brown's quarterback is not in a red skin now, so Griffin would even have a chance to start again if he joined. The first Josh - 〉NFL's official website, Newton emphasized quarterback will not participate in the first preseason game of rugby, Panther wo tiger news August 9th will lack the four Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - in the first preseason game in Newton (Cam Newton). manager Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) said on Tuesday that Newton would not fight against Houston's first pre - season match against Dezhou. this news is not surprising, because Newton in the offseason after undergoing shoulder surgery since the start of training camp since it did not participate in team training. had a few passes on Monday with the trainer, and Newton's passing on the sidelines again on Tuesday, but slightly increased the pass frequency. we had expected Newton to be absent at least one of the pre - season games. The former League MVP has a month to prepare for the regular season. There was no panic in the Panther at the moment, but the longer Newton was absent, the more we had to do with the tacit understanding between him and the attacking team that had changed blood. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity., just as most fans are talking about the super impact of Klauni in the battle against falcons, the Antone Smith, who was the victim of the collision, disagreed with each other about Antone. After 's game, Smith accepted an interview with the local media in Houston and said he didn't think that the crash was so good. From a certain perspective, Smith is not completely for their own sophistry. Klauni is a defensive front end. There are many excellent defensive cut-off fronts in the league. There will be several strong impact in every NFL match. He can't put him in the hall of fame because of a wonderful performance of a rookie. But honestly, the impact is really awesome. Clowney.{"playerId":1268,"percentChange":14.5,"averageDraftPosition":260,"percentOwned":26.4,"playerRaterSEASON":0.1,"playerRater7DAY":0.1,"mostRecentNews":{"news":"Martin is out of the lineup against the Orioles on Wednesday, Shi Davidi of reports.","spin":"Martin will head to the bench following a pair of starts behind the plate, going 0-for-7 with three strikeouts during the first two games of this series. Luke Maile will catch and bat eighth for Wednesday's contest.","date":"Wed Apr 11"},"fullName":"Russell Martin","seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"Martin might be beginning to show the signs of a heavy workload and age, as he is coming off a second straight disappointing season at the plate. He remains a solid defensive catcher, which is why he is left in the lineup as often as he is, but that might be coming at the detriment of his offensive production. Martin's plate skills used to be a model of stability, and while his walk rate remains strong, the contact is becoming tougher to come by. The 2015 season, when he had his best overall power production, looks like the outlier over the previous five seasons, and he hit above .240 only once the past seven years. Martin is accelerating toward a reserve catcher role, as the power is fading and the batting average continues to lag, but he is also due $40 million the next two seasons, so Toronto is going to try to get as much as it can out of the bad back end of that contract.","seasonId":2018,"date":"Tue Feb 20"},"playerRater30DAY":0.1,"playerRater15DAY":0.1,"positionRank":15}

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