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Oakland Raiders rookie wide receiver Cooper Amari (Amari Cooper) full of confidence in his first season, he has repeatedly said it will shock alliance, let all people realize their own value and ability. In addition to catching the ball as a relay, Cooper seems to be able to do more. recently, the Raiders coach group is considering Cooper as a punt return to work. The team's special team coordinator said: "Cooper is a very good player and he has the ability to do any work." Whether he will be a back attack, it depends on his position in the team. He has such a gift that he can finish the work. At this stage, we will make a corresponding attempt. " The League has many players willing to try a punt return to work, but for the team, the problem is not so simple. Most teams are more willing to protect the important players in the team and let them avoid the return of the attack. The Raiders had already signed a special Lyndon holiday (Trindon Holliday), the team will examine who is more suitable for the new season for the return.Cleveland Brown stayed in Ohio to find their next manager. Brown announced on Wednesday that they signed the Cincinnati tigers offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson, the new manager. "They made me feel comfortable," Jackson told NFL. Brown boss Jimmy Haslem (Jimmy Haslam) was abs cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ent from NFL's Conference on Tuesday when the team moved to Losangeles on Tuesday. Jackson is also 49 people in San Francisco and the New York giants Xuanshuai goal, but Brown out of the personnel control "of the great Jackson led the team to 8 wins and 8 losses record in 2011 at the Oakland Raiders team poor, this is the only experience he once served as a coach, but in this experience, he decided to trade Palmer Carson (Carson Palmer) attracted a lot of controversy, this transaction does not bring much benefit to the raiders. he eventually became the assistant second line defense and special service coach for the tigers in 2012, the first to guide the defensive team in his career. He then gradually promoted and became the team's attacking coordinator in 2014. After being well respected for guiding the work of taking over and running away, Jackson has been praised for raising the performance of Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) to MVP level and making alternate AJ- Macallan (AJ McCarron) ready for the playoffs. Brown took the draft pick in the case, Jackson had the chance to pick the team under a franchise player. Brown, who needs to find the right direction but unstable, is a good decision to appoint Jackson as the manager.Green Bay Packers again to keep the key players in the team, according to the official website of NFL reporter, the packers have and offensive tackle Blaine Braga (Bryan Bulaga) for a period of 5 years, the average annual salary of about $7 million contract agreement. over the past few weeks, the wrapper saw the 25 year old right - cut front as the number one renewal target. The team has previously said to range in the ability to make every effort to meet the requirements of braga. Originally called the hope Braga signed a salary of more than 7 million of the contract, the final packaging work out about retaining braga. According to PFF (ProFootballFocus) showed that the scoring system, the score in the League all Braga tackle sixteenth. Last season, the team's offensive frontline improved obviously, one of the best attacking frontlines in the league. Previously, the packers have announced and took over the Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) to complete the contract, two free agents as a result the packers have to keep attacking the most important group. Although last season the packers defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the National League finals, but the team is optimistic about the future. We have reason to believe that the packers led by Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) will always be a hot candidate for the super bowl.Green Bay Packers (English: Green Bay Packers) is a Wisconsin Green Bay is located in the city of American football team, founded in 1919, is the National Football League (NFL) squadron third long history, is the only team in the [1] NFL is a non-profit, jointly owned by the public team. In 2002, the packing team belongs to the north of the National Union. The packers are the founding members of the National Rugby Federation. As of 2014, they won 13 league championships. The number is NFL, of which the top 9 are the former champions of the Super Bowl era, and the 4 ones are the Super Bowl (first, second, thirty-first and 45 sessions). creation and early development of Green Bay Packers, founder of Csrcy Lambeau Green Bay Packers, was founded in August 11, 1919, but there is no information to describe the persons and details that were present. Later people only knew that the conference on establishment was carried out in the building of the Green Bay City communique office. Captain Curly Lambeau's first sponsorship from his office Indian Packing Company to pull the 500 dollars to buy the team, and the team jersey equipment, hence the name "packaging", but the name of a road with the team never change, also let the packers become single name NFL the history of the longest time team. The first manager of the team was George Calhoun, and he was recognized as the founder of the packaging team, [3] , with Lambeau. In August 27, 1921, the national football league's predecessor, the APFA decided to allow the packers to join. At that time, only 3 million people in the Green Bay became the smallest city in the APFA team. But at the end of the year, because of the use of college players in a game, the packers were almost eliminated by APFA and were not punished after paying a fine for [3] . The packers were highly competitive in the early years of their establishment, which made them survive in the 1927 League of Nations Disarmament (nearly half of the teams were mostly small cities), and won the League Championship in three years in 1929-31 years, and then won three times in 36, 39 and 44 years. ??20????40?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????31??????????????Curly Lambeau??1950?????????????íž????????? Although the packers made third financing in team history in 1950 and replaced the coach repeatedly, the team's decline remained undiminished. At the same time, in order to make money, the packers each year will be one to two home court game arranged in Milwaukee, a tradition that continues until 1995. At the same time, with the old court, the local government of the packaging team and the Green Bay area agreed to build a new 32000 people for the team in 1955.

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