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The official website of NFL | Vic: I haven't had time to get it ready | football Smith (Geno Smith) - Keno will at least continue to keep his starting quarterback in this week's position, he will not be a long struggle with in the cold, because the substitute Michael Vick (Michael Vick) in the second half of the game can not exercise his duties. 's last week against San Diego lightning team in the second half of the race completed 19 passes 8 times, won only 47 yards, is an amateur, he admitted that he may not be ready for. Vick told the New York post: I may not be ready yet. But I want to tell you. this is a struggling sub - quarterback that has not shown the substitute state, and should be needed to continue to play the substitute role. Vic admits he should be able to continue in the substitute team. He said, "I was taught to be a man last week, and that is to be ready." Last week left me bitter memories, I can not show, no points, not even help the team to have any improvement. So this week and every week after the season I'm going to make a change and I'll do my best to get ready. There is no in the world. But if Vic has been a bit of a normal performance last week, keno is now likely to be firmly nailed to the bench. But Vic's performance, and the subsequent confession, felt that he really didn't expect to win the competition in the middle of the opportunity - at least so far this season.The official website of NFL | Bobb cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y Vigna won one vote | football MVP On the eve of the super bowl, a number of NFL personal awards were announced in New York this season. The Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) won the most valuable player title this season, and there is a bright spot in the voting of MVP. Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wigner (Bobby Wagner) surprisingly won the vote, this is really very strange, because Wigner was the best defensive player vote vote are not, but he was in MVP in the selection of tickets, which may explain the relative Wigner J.J (J.J Watt) w it is more valuable than Rodgers. ProFootballTalk website reporter Michael - David - Smith (Michael David Smith) said Wigner's vote from the Indianapolis Colts coach Toni (Tony Dungy), when Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan when in front of the media has repeatedly praised Wigner, so this vote and not what problems. Coincidentally, the best Comeback Player of the year award, buffalo quarterback Kell Bill (Kyle Orton) - Theoden also picked up.when the Seattle Seahawks coming in this week ushered in the first preseason game, they run in the guard position have more uncertain factors. will become the main Thomas Seahawks running back Rawls in the new season (Thomas Rawls) by physical examination and on Sunday from the activation cannot play due to injury in the list. Rawls was put on the list since he was still recovering from a fractured ankle in the training camp. Rawls has been saying he has been ready for a few months at the start of the season, and he returns to the big list to support him. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) last month told the media that Rawls and Graham - tight end Jimmy (Jimmy Graham) are all close to return to training. will slowly increase the amount of training the Seahawks for Rawls. He did not take part in Sunday's training. Sean - Lynch last season in the horse (Marshawn Lynch) core muscles injured after Rawls became the new Seahawks to punch the ball threat. In his early season before the end, Rawls in the 13 game red ball for 830 yards and 4 touchdowns. Rawls can run at full speed again despite the distance there may be a few weeks, his return is a positive signal for the Seahawks preseason schedule.In the base of | Twelfth National softball preliminaries start in Xishuangbanna Beijing and Guangxi are competing for March 20th, Ming Yu · Sheng Jing Xincheng cup Twelfth National softball preliminaries in Xishuangbanna Nan Jing Xincheng training base to start, 9 from the people's Liberation Army, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other provinces and cities by the team's fierce horn, 5 winning teams will receive in August this year, held in Liaoning at the end of the Twelfth National Games of softball project final ticket. The of this preliminary round by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song, China Softball Association, Yunnan Province Sports Bureau hosted by Jinghong municipal government, Xishuangbanna sports and Culture Press and Publication Bureau, Jinghong Jia Yi culture and Sports Industry Development Co., Mingyu group sponsored. Deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, to talk about the Orioles bangleiqiu hand song Center Softball department director, the State General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song Secretary Chinese Softball Association long Yang Xu and province, state, City Sports Bureau leaders attended the kick-off ceremony. reported that it was the first time to hold a high standard National Games softball preliminaries in Yunnan. The preliminaries were from March 20th to March 28th. After the preliminaries ended, 5 teams from 9 participating teams were added to the games. Together with the host team Liaoning of the National Games, a total of 6 teams participated in the Twelfth National Games softball finals in Liaoning from August 31st to September 12th. Yang Xu is the director of the State Sports General Administration Center bangleiqiu hand song softball Department said that from 2011 onwards, a number of provinces and cities nationwide rod softball team went to Xishuangbanna Nan Jing Xincheng sports training base winter training, and then held a number of national competitions and cross-strait baseball competitions. This preliminaries are chosen at this time. First, the weather conditions are good here. Two is to avoid the rainy season. The three is Nan njing new City training base. Xishuangbanna due to natural environment, unique climatic conditions, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song, the National Olympic Sports Center and the national sports administrative guidance center and the Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau were awarded the Xishuangbanna Nanjing Metro national sports administration hand curved rod softball sports management center of Xishuangbanna Nan Jing Xincheng, national competition and training base Xishuangbanna Olympic Sports Center Nanjing Metro training base, Xishuangbanna Nanjing Metro national green sports leisure base and Xishuangbanna Nan Jing Xincheng training base. Nan Jing Xincheng training base after several years of construction, has begun to take shape, software and hardware facilities in the national sports base forefront, has gradually become a sports name card of Yunnan Province, at home and abroad have a certain reputation. Since August last year, the base ushered in the United States women's softball team training, South Korea's national softball team, high school and college baseball team training and occupation of Korea baseball team KIA tigers also conducted before the training, and the various provinces and cities nationwide are in the winter of baseball and softball team Nanjing Metro training base.

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