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on the day of the trading deadline, Denver Mustang nearly completed a key deal with Cleveland Brown. According to the official website of NFL reporters, the Mustang was very close to Brown left Jiefeng Joe - Thomas (Joe Thomas), but in the end the transaction price is too high due to Brown helpless abortion. The reporter explained: "the reasons for the failure of the two sides have nothing to do with the time, but there is no agreement." Brown has opened more than one first round of the draft, and Mustang can't accept it. " On the other hand, Thomas's salary in the next two years is also a concern for the wild horse. Unfortunately, the final horse still missed one of the best left in the League Jiefeng. due to Ryan Credi (Ryan Clady) and Sam Bly Lo (Ty Sambrailo) has claims all season, this season Broncos offensive lines disappointing. Although the team general manager John elvy (John Elway) is actively trying to fill strong attack, but the degree of difficulty to complete the transaction as can be imagined in the middle of the season.The official website of NFL | that Vick should give Rice a second chance | football New York jets backup quarterback, Vick dogfighting charges before Michael (Michael Vick) - the initiator of evil that fired Baltimore crow running back ray - Rice (Ray Rice) is a second chance to get on the pitch. In an interview with ESPN, Vic said: I hope so cheap nfl jerseys free shipping . this week, NFL's punishment for Rice and the crow cut Rice because of his violence against his fiancee in February. 2007 NFL punished Vic, because he opened personal fighting places violated the laws of the United states. He stayed in prison for 2 years, but he finally returned to the field and completed his career reconstruction. "I honestly don't know what to say to Vick," he said. "This is almost out of control with what I met at that time. I just hope people can learn something from these bad things. Vick said he was aware of an important lesson in life when he was sentenced in the court. someone told me that you had 23 hours to do the right thing, and the last hour made them all screwed up, and they all needed to remember. You have to know what you are doing, and you know all the time. You can't let your things go beyond a certain category. We control everything and control every action and action. We control everyone around us, which is reflected in time. The second chance of Vic derives from the hard work of training. Now he thinks that Rice is worth the same treatment, at least when he has treated her fiancee with violence, and he married her.The official website of NFL | Seahawks General Manager: waiting for Lynch to make their own decisions | football Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch know the horse (Marshawn Lynch) is the backbone of the offensive team, but they don't know whether he has decided not to support the team. When interviewed John on Tuesday, John Schneider, general manager, said the team was waiting for Lynch to decide whether to retire or return to. I couldn't answer the question whether he was going to play next season, Schneider said. I don't know if he made a decision at this critical moment. Schneider also said Lynch's decision would not be made overnight, but if he returned to the team, they planned to rebuild the run - back contract. Obviously we think he's a very good player, Schneider said. We want to get him back. He knows that, and his broker knows that. He knew that if he came back, his salary would not be the same as he expected to earn. Lynch will be in the last year of his 4 year worth of $31 million contract, and he would have earned $5 million in the next season. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) in the super bowl before the Seahawks have reported that offered Lynch a lucrative contract, the contract was supposed to make him next season's salary of more than $10 million. but before any contract is signed, Schneider is waiting for a signal of whether the animal model is willing to return. It's hard for these people, it's a long season, Schneider said. We have played a lot of games in the past 2 years. Especially the way this guy punches the ball, which is damaging his body. wanted to keep Lynch away from any Seahawks team can wake up. Lynch will either continue to become the Seahawks players either retired in 2015 will.In the base of | international to strengthen the fight against doping |IFPMA and WADA together from left to right: IFPMA stipulates the chairman of the Committee of policy and technology standards, Dr. Yves Juillet, IFPMA chairman Haruo Naito, WADA director general David Howman, and WADA science officer Dr. , according to the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA): the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IFPMA) and the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) signed a joint statement on sports industry Anti Doping cooperation in Lausanne, Switzerland today. WADA director general David Howman, chairman IFPMA, chairman and chief executive officer of Eisai company, Mr. Haruo Naito, respectively signed a statement on behalf of both sides. The statement is intended to promote voluntary cooperation between WADA and IFPMA subsidiaries, screening may be used as stimulant drugs, the emergence of drug misuse is minimized, promote information exchange and the development of new detection methods in the detection of doping in sports. WADA chairman John Fahey said in a written statement, "we are very pleased that IFPMA can cooperate with WADA in the Anti Doping business in sports competitive sports. As long as the stimulants used by athletes develop effective testing methods, doping users will immediately seek new exciting drugs. To establish close cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, in the stage of clinical test before the effective screening of new drug substance may be excited, it will greatly accelerate the development process of the new detection method, for the rest of the world without the use of dope to provide a fair competition environment. Mr. Haruo Naito commented that: IFPMA's member enterprises all realized that drugs may be misused as excitant substances, so as to improve their performance. This will not only lose fairness in competitive sports, but also threaten the health and even life of athletes. Through the cooperation of pharmaceutical companies and WADA, there will be more resources to resist all kinds of excitant substances, further purify the competition environment and protect athletes' health. in the pharmaceutical industry, the joint statement has been strongly supported by the IFPMA policy and technical standards (RPTS) committee. With the cooperation of the same industry in other important aspects, the statement has also been approved and approved by different regions or national pharmaceutical associations, including the European Union (EFPIA), Japan (JPMA) and the United States (PhRMA). previously, WADA and Merck &〉

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