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As with the Brazil world cup jerseys, France new badge inspiration drawn 1958 Jersey badge style, which reflects the players hope to "feel the glorious history of countries" desire. The design of the enlarged area, from the previous badge background, be given a greater sense of space at the same time, once again become the French national pride is the ultimate embodiment. Fine embroidered badge was below in the heart on position and every player number. And the French flag appears on the inside of the collar of each shirt.Jared - (Jared Goff) and Castro gove - Kinam (Case Keenum) the gap between how much? It is obviously very big. According to the reporter recently news, Goff was the three or four Losangeles rams quarterback, not only in Kenath, after also ranked Sean Mannion (Sean Mannion) after the training performance are also far more than the Goff mannion. But the team coach still cheap nfl jerseys free shipping for the gove evaluation is very high, expect him to become a qualified NFL quarterback, he and the team's starting quarterback but also very distant distance. said he is confident his gove will gradually adapt and grow NFL.backs Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) had insisted that he cold-shouldered in the American League semi-final will not happen again. However, he did not follow his pony teammates to new England to challenge patriots in the United States league championships. The team's official website reported that Richardson did not go to the stadium for personal reasons. It is not known for the reason that the former first round run guard was absent from the most important game of the season. Richardson's performance has never been improved this season, and his role in the team has been greatly weakened. He in the wild card playoff game in 1 weeks only file playing time and the game did not enter the play list. Some people think that Richardson's bad performance and the loss of the playing time are due to weight. This week the runner denied the rumours. No matter what the reason why he will be absent from the next match, for this stubborn and insisting that he will turn around the running guard in the team's situation, this is just the latest in a series of failures. will again rely on Daniel Helen (Daniel Herron) as their main runner, and zoon Tipton (Zurlon Tipton) as a substitute running guard. Heron has proved that he is more suitable for the pony attack. In 2 playoff games in the 35 time he rushed for a 119 yard ball (each rushed the ball 3.4 yards) and 2 touchdowns. He has 18 times to catch 117 yards. Heron is a tough runner with the explosive force of a number of large numbers of flushing balls. His progress in passing attack -- from shielding the quarterback and catching the ball to two aspects -- has lessened the burden of Andrew Luck for four weeks in the past few the past ten years, the league's best pass has been retired. , now a free agent's DeMarcus DeMarcus Ware, announced his retirement on Monday. "after thinking and praying for a long time, I have decided to accept the unknown fate and retire from NFL," Weil said on twitter. "There's still a chance to seduce me to play, I feel much better than I did in the past few years. But the long-term health and quality of life is more important than the enthusiasm I have ever had to play. " , after making this decision, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people in my life who helped shape me into such a great player today and fear God. I thank the Dallas cowboys and the Denver wild horses for giving me the opportunity to experience the feeling of being a great player. vill has made 138.5 escapement in his 12 year career and ranked eighth in the history of NFL. Each of the top ten players eventually entered the hall of fame. In 5 years, should have a qualified join the legend. in the first round of the 2005 draft was selected in the first round of the draft, which quickly showed the horror strength of the outboard in the cowboy. In his career, he chose the professional bowl 9 times, and 4 times the best lineup. has rarely been able to perform like the vill peak for 7 years in a row. He averaged 14.7 escapement every season from 2006 to 2012, and of which he was ranked first in the League for 2 years. though in the past 3 years, in the past two years, he had been affected by injuries and injuries, and he could not win the super bowl without his Mustang. Vill made 3.5 escapement in the 3 games of the 2015 season, 8 quarterback and 11 quarterback.

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