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The official website of the original NFL | Raiders defensive coordinator to join 49 | football Jason Tarver, the former Oakland Raider defense coordinator, was once considered to be the main candidate to replace Vicki van geo (Vic Fangio) as the new defense coordinator of the 49 San Francisco team. Yesterday, TAF joined the 49 people, but was the senior defense adviser and the line guard coach. actually can be called 49 Taft team veteran, he in the first 10 years of the new century has been playing for the team, had also served as the assistant offensive line coach Wei, Wei ran. Although in recent years the 49 team turnover is not small, but the return of taffeta can still see some old faces, i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ncluding the new coach Jim - Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) and star guard Patrick - Willis line (Patrick Willis). When left 49 people in 2010, Taff didn't immediately choose to join another NFL team. Instead, he went to Stanford University. He joined the Oakland Raiders as a defense coordinator a year later.Matt - Chicago bears Paowei Forti (Matt Forte) will become a free agent at the end of the season, this season would be his last season in Chicago. Local time Friday, Foti asked renewal related matters in an interview, the Almighty ran Wei said that the bear team yet to offer him a new contract. Forti said: "now what can I do, in addition to play. Whether to stay or leave does not depend on me. I haven't got any contract renewal at the moment and it seems that the team is not going to make a new contract to me. I would be a free player if I didn't renew the contract at the end. No matter what it is, I will be satisfied. " Fudiben season was outstanding, but injuries interrupted his rhythm. The 30 year old may no longer be part of the team's long-term plan. With the rise of Jeremy Langford, a new rookie, the bear team seems to have found a qualified successor at the back of the field. If foty enter the free market, before the bear team coach, Baltimore offensive coordinator Mark Crow - tres Altman (Marc Trestman) or an olive branch.Bowling |2013 Shanghai bowling Golden League this year's game is very wonderful, thanks to the organizers! Now let me show you some short videos. Unfortunately, my level is limited, my experience is not enough, the videos are a little bit less, and the photos are less. Next time I shoot more points:) . last season final runner up Cai Hongfu was interviewed by world champion Yang Suiling in the competition:The official website of NFL | Redskins tight end Reed or suffered another knee injury | football Washington's red skin near end front Jordan Reed (Jordan Reed) two key words in his career are potential and injury. On Tuesday, the two phase of the red leather training camp opened, Reed failed to play on the first day of training. Then, the coach Jay Gruden told reporters that the 3 grade near - end front knee pain, will be checked again recently. over the past 2 seasons, Reed was absent from 12 games. He has been plagued by a concussion and a hamstring problem. Last season, red skin hinted that the team would not make an attack around Reed because he was hard to ensure that he could be stable. Although the team of Reed still remain patient, but his health problems will again affect the offseason training plan. The talented, near speed and explosive genius has been outstanding in his rookie season, but his legs suffered a series of injuries last season. No matter what the results are, Reed will not return to team training in the near future.

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