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The official website of NFL | will be promoted to the second tier Seahawks coach | football defensive Coordinator was originally the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quin (Dan Quinn) have been inducted into the Atlanta falcons, the team previously disclosed internal mining personnel new defensive coordinator. On Monday local time, the team announced that the defensive second - line coach, Chris - Richard (Kris Richard) was promoted to the defensive coordinator. is also recognized the appointment and encouragement for the work of Richard, the second Seahawks extremely dominant his training, is the key part of the Seahawks defense group. The team with some middle round picks who has won the Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman), Kim - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor), Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas), Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell) and Jeremy Ryan (Jeremy Lane), Richard put them together, produce more than occupation bowl cheap nfl jerseys free shipping players, the team for 2 consecutive years to enter one of the super bowl. coach Carol (Pete Carroll) once said: Chris finished the unimaginable work, he was excellent, the best second line coach. Look at our present performance and the achievements of these two - line players and you can know what level we are at. It's all the credit of Chris, and we depend on him.The official website of NFL | Ronnie Lott gave Pierre Paul weapon | Rugby since last week's Jason Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) incident broke out, people were mainly concerned about the future of his stadium and the contract with the New York giants. still cares about his finger problems, but no one seems to be concerned about his own psychological problems. Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott (Ronnie Lott) very understand Pierre Paul encounter, Lott's left little finger was removed in 1986. The story of his personal experience of Pierre Lott so Paul said: when the doctor gave my hand put on the gauze, I think: This is why? I've never forgotten that moment, and I just sit and tell myself that I look like a ET person. For Pierre and Paul, he will learn how to play and how to control his hands. All this is different from the original. Pierre Paul once through the treatment process, maybe he will give a call to say thank lotte.Denver wild horse announced on Tuesday that the team has reached a deal with the New York giants. The wild horse will get the winner of the giants, Brandon Brandon (Brandon McManus). Then, the Broncos renounced kicker Mitch Ewald (Mitch Ewald). Macmanus was supposed to be given up by the giant. Don't want to lose his waiver wire for his wild horse and get the player from Temple university with a conditional seven - round sign. Mustang is now in urgent need of help in the position of the veteran kicker Matt Platt (Matt Prater) in the 4 game ban after the start of the game. Macmanus lost to the Josh Brown (Josh Brown) in the competition of the giant kicker, but the rookie impressed the giant in the pre season by hitting 46 yards and 47 yards of free kick. According to the New York Times, he had hit 75 yards in training. Macmanus also made some achievements in kick-off. There were 10 touches (touchback) in the 11 kick-off of the pre-season, and they also had experience in the discard position. Such a versatility is a reason why many eagles who may need to play kickball may pursue him, and the management of wild horses may have known about this situation. Then he felt that the players who needed the transaction urgently needed to replace Platt.Dallas Cowboys lost DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray), still did not pick any running back in the draft, the team a total of 4 running backs: Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden), Joseph Randall (Joseph Randle), Lance (Lance Dunbar) - Dunbar and Ryan Williams (Ryan Williams). even though the fans were worried about the cowboy's running problems, the team seemed full of confidence in the existing lineup. Recently, the team legend Emmet - Smith (Emmitt Smith) also gave his opinion, he thinks the cowboy's existing running guard is enough. Smith said, "Mcfadden, this is a running guard that you have to respect. We all remember his performance in the Oakland Raiders, and the Raiders did not have a strong offensive front like a cowboy. Cowboys have the best offensive frontline, and the excellent quarterback and extra player can help Mcfadden do better than ever. for depth running back position, Smith also expressed optimism: "he has proved his strength, the team needs him, he can do more for the team." Smith is very confident about the attacking front of the cowboy, and he expects Mcfadden to return to his peak and become a new leader in the cowboy ground attack.

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