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since last season Nike began to force its own NFL shirt Color Rush, there is a polarizing comment on each team's color problem. but no matter what, every team will continue to carry out the Nike plan for the next season. But recently, there is a team that doesn't seem to want to go on. On Thursday, the United States announced the latest provisions with NFL. The Washington Red Leather hopes to get the team to quit Color Rush. The reason for the team's explanation is only two words "garish uniforms". has a little acne that is red, and the Indianapolis colts, the Detroit lions and Cleveland Brown last season did not participate in the activities of the Rush Color, because they are the only cheap nfl jerseys free shipping race on Thursday on Thanksgiving afternoon, so they escaped Color Rush uniform requirements. maybe the real reason for the red skin rejection may be their color matching problem. It is reported that their Color Rush color is all yellow.Houston Dezhou of the second grade main receiver deandre Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins) in last week's game has staged a single hand ball 53 yards of wonderful performances, but the ball has been cancelled due to the foul, or single game ball number last week Hopki will be a staggering 169 yards. Dezhou manager Bill Obrien (Bill O 'Brien) on the team's official website said: "this is a wonderful relay. Hopki's performance this year is quite good. It is often a great number of yards to serve us. It is also a kind of enjoyment for me to teach the player. He is really a very, very good young man, with a broad future. So we need to do more games to get him to catch the ball. Obrien is right. Hopki's current catch number is ranked fifteenth in the league, but his passing number is only forty-third, and the team obviously needs to increase his offensive percentage. In the last season before the coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) of the offense, Hopki was the number of passes than the proximal frontal Garrett Graham (Garrett Graham) twice more, which to some extent hindered the growth of the genius took over, if the people of Dezhou to retake the AFC South title from the Indianapolis Colts hand, let Hopki more the ball should be the first step. Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) came to another team in the Bay Area - the Oakland Raider. The contract is only 1 years and 3 million 200 thousand, and there is a bonus of up to $1 million 800 thousand. is considered to be the big fish season Crabtree Hugh the free agent market, but has no team gave him a big contract, eventually signing this term with the Raiders, to prove his contract. When 49 people are selected in the first round of the 2009 Crabtree, for the team for 6 years has made 347 catches for 4327 yards and 26 touchdowns. In 2013 a marked decline in the state after Achilles tendon surgery, but the 27 year old Crabtree is still likely to bring more surprises. raid other foreign competitors including James Jones took over the array (James Jones), Rhodes (Rod Streater), Streeter Andre - Holmes (Andre Holmes) et al., signed on the second grade Crabtree their quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) to provide strong support.Kobita Vecchio, chairman of Italy Football Association, · (Carlo Tavecchio), speaking of the new logo, said: "we started the design of the new logo three years ago. Facing the future, we also cherish our history. In the new logo, the four world champions we have won will be more visible because they represent the pride of our country. "

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