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The official website of NFL | National League final Cardinals vs Panthers (injury list) | football forward by the United States on January 18th the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals player injuries. The receiver Teddy panther, Jean (Ted Ginn) a knee injury against a doubt, he missed a game against the Seahawks this season, Jean was a panther with more excellent performance. Defensive end forward Kony Il (Kony Ealy) was ill and confirmed the battle. The side of the Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Josh Moro (Josh Mauro) a calf injury, doubtful, defensive tackle Rooker's ankle injury is doubtful. Outside linebacker Marcus Gooden (Markus Golden) a knee injury against a doubt. The quarterback Palmer was injured in his right hand and confirmed the battle.The official website of NFL | Erdeng - five potential home | football Smith star Aldon Smith was arrested on Friday last Friday due to drunk driving and hit and run. Then 49 people in San Francisco quickly reduced their jobs. Smith will face a serious charge cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of crime and may be in jail, which has cast a shadow over his NFL prospects. But according to reports, there are still a lot of the team is at the pinnacle of Smith to Smith if the final punishment result is not too serious, and probably will encounter many team looting. Aldin Smith is no doubt the top player in the league. According to the latest evaluation system of rugby focused website, Smith and JJ- Watt (J.J.Watt) and Feng Miller (Von Miller) are the three most effective league leaders. Let's just predict which teams will be interested in Smith just from the rugby point of view. Detroit: lion lion this offseason defense frontline staff loss serious, Damm (Ndamukong Suh) - hole Su, Nick Fairlie (Nick Fairley) and George Johnson (George Johnson) have to leave, although after the transaction to the Harlow Natta (Haloti Ngata) pedicle, or can not make up for the team in rushing outside pass the strength greatly weakened, the three people in the last season, a total of 118 times of successful quarterback pressure. And Smith still had 32 successful pressures on 7 games last season, and he was the lion's need for the impact. Jacksonville is in dire need of a Jaguar Jaguar: excellent Wing Chong Chuan hand, they selected Fleur in 2015 show Bangyan Dante (Donta Fowler Jr.) for the first time in the training he tore the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee, immediately announced the season, in addition to another team rushed from general Chris - Clemence (Chris Clemons) because of the injury has been absent from the training camp, which makes the Jaguar punching strength greatly reduced transmission. Jaguar didn't have a player's success rate of over 6.5% last season, but Smith's success rate has never been lower than 11.2% since he entered the league. His arrival will instantly enhance Jaguar's rush level. New York giant: the giant is another contingent of injuries, except Jaguar. The team star Jason Jason Pierre, because of the fireworks on the national day, accidentally hurt her palm and cut her finger. So far, no Pierre-Paul report has been reported to the team. It is not known that the future will be able to recover several successes. The giants chose Iowa rookie Ma Bei - Audi EZ Zoua (Owamagbe Odighizuwa) based this year, but he rushed for more suitable compared from anti 〉New York giant announced that Victor Cruz and Jon Beason will not play the first season of regular season against Dallas cowboys in Dallas, New York. Cruz suffered a calf injury in the training camp after recovering from a knee injury last season, and he is still absent from training. According to the giants, the team has predicted that as the giant will play 3 games in 12 days after the start of the season, it is likely that Cruz will be able to fight in the fourth week. Although and Beeson Co. to participate in the training, his knee so he still can not go to the game. It is worth noting that the last time the 16 game of the season attendance Beeson dates back to the 2010 season. The team may have never played in the regular season before Varney (Uani Unga) - allsun served as the starting line. these two players may be the only one who is short of the first battle of the season. The team announced linebacker Jonathan Casillas (Jonathan Casillas) (neck), defensive tackle Kulun - Jenkins (Cullen Jenkins) (hamstring injury) and defensive end Iowa mabe - Audi group (Owa Odighizuwa) w (foot injury) were classified as likely to play games.But now, Milan diehard fans, a video of Italy young hip-hop singer Ernia release may have been that Puma and Milan cooperation will start shortly. The video takes the San Siro as the background, and the Ernia and other actors in the video are wearing Milan scarves. In this video, there is a word that has caught the attention of everyone. This sentence is in Milan to exchange the Puma clothes, although the uniforms changed, the Rossoneri will never change. (And now the Milan wears the skin of the PUMA and the, Jersey changes, but the colours remains the same.) if hip hop players, he belongs to the brand and his love for the team, so the relationship is not perfect?

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