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Sports Weekly special NFL Chinese website editor Zhao Zhiyuan NFL a new labor agreement signed after the first season, the 2011 season memorable, after a brief shut down, there are still countless new milepost was set up: Drew · Bracey blew up the single season pass distance record by nearly 300 yards; Aaron · Rodgers field 122.5 pass score against all legend history; Gelon Khodorkovsky was dedicated to 18 touchdowns to tight end and establish a new benchmark; Houston Dezhou team for the first time in the playoffs after joining NFL...... All these achievements have made the 2012 season more anticipated. new season regular season in the United States on September 5th as scheduled, the defending champion New York giants home court to 17 than 24 lost last season failed to reach the Dallas cowboys in the playoffs, so many experts by surprise, in fact, from a historical point of view, this is not the result of accidents. The two teams as the NL East rival, the history of confrontation for 100 times, the cowboys with 56 wins 2 flat 42 negative slightly dominant, but in recent years the giants record, it makes people "think" their superior, actually known as the "American team" the cowboys in 1970s had been full of the world (2 times champion, 1990s) is nearly a dynasty (1992, 93, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 95 and three times champion), from cowboys Troy · Ekman, Emmet · Smith is also known to every family teen idols, and all the talented team, they always friction is too large, it is difficult to play the greatest combat, this season to beat the defending as the championship opener, expect them to attack the champion after 17 years. if I champions, I can only tell you, and the cowboys have the same vision I have 15 teams more, this is the characteristic of NFL, the average strength of every where fans can call two voice "we will contend for the first", the experts also always need new the. The course of last season, the New York giants win is a wonderful story, they are not optimistic about the lack of a genius, stumbled and fell into the playoffs, every game and poise, finally using human shields anti patriot do, finally won the team history third Super Bowl trophy this season, who's played Cinderella, is admitted to Stanford University student champion colts, or "God Seth Tibbott" to take account of the jet, or had lost all season last season by rocket lion, we can only wait and see. NFL this season increased Thursday night matches in the eastern hemisphere, the fans may be the biggest beneficiaries, because we can see in the daytime game live, you know ESPN for every Monday game broadcast rights to an average of $300 million a year or more; global brands to provide NFL shirt, more fashion and function more, perhaps in the near future NFL jersey will be put on our shelves; sponsor information equipment replaced from 〉The official website of NFL | Peterson at trial, sentencing | football tentative December 1st at the end of the morning in the eastern time of October 8th, the Minnesota Viking runner Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) attended the trial. He was accused of being reckless or negligent in injure his 4 year old son. He is wearing a striped uniforms, sitting beside the lawyer rusty Hardin, trying to seek the court trial as soon as possible. Hardin said Peterson didn't have the ability to protect himself when facing harsh criticism from the media. Peterson and he all came up with an idea: solve this case as soon as possible so as to return to the court as soon as possible this season. , however, when Hardin asked the court to solve the case before Thanksgiving, judge Kelly Keith replied that the deadline of the court was already full before Thanksgiving. December 1st is the earliest time. But it is possible that Peterson's case can move forward after all the other cases are at the end of the trial. after Peterson left the court, Hardin briefly stated to the reporters behind him: I was very proud to say Peterson was a good man. This is a question of educational choice, but unfortunately it happened to a father with a strong love and will. at the same time, the prosecutor asked judge Keith to ask lawyers to try to minimize participation in media interviews, otherwise the trial would delay the trial longer. Peterson has agreed not to contact the child, the child is now living with his mother, but the legal proceedings are under way.The official website of NFL | Zhuangyuanlang clowney comeback in good condition after | football this week, Dezhou 23-7 against Brown, to their delight, Zhuangyuanlang Jed Klauni viand (Jadeveon Clowney) show a good state in the game. He and JJ- Watt (J.J.Watt) joint defense team striker Brown is an insurmountable natural moat. has been absent for a period of time in this season. So this is just his third NFL competition. He has got 2 tackles in the runaway race, one of which has lost the number of opponents. In spite of the appearance of the 40 files could not harvest sacks, but there are also 2 quarterback Blaine Hoyer caused Brown (Brian Hoyer) rushed to the. In this match, Dezhou people successfully restricted Brown's ground attack to 58 yards. If we remove Isaiah's Isaiah code for 35 yards, Brown will advance 24 yards in the remaining 23 shots. believes that the combination will show champion Watt clowney teamed up with JJ- full of blood return is the other opponent.The official website of NFL | Denver Broncos signed Pound as the No. three quarterback football | Denver Mustang added a new quarterback to Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) for a short time in the future. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the matter, reported on Wednesday that wild horse signed the former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Pound (Christian Ponder). Pound will be the three quarterback of the team while studying the wild horse. Rookie four waight Trevor Simeon (Trevor Siemian) will be served as the starting - Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) Bullock bench. Pound previously played for the Oakland Raiders, in training he defeated Matt Mike Gehlaut Hussein in the backup quarterback position in the competition (Matt McGloin). Pound's 35 ball 22 times successfully obtained 1 touchdowns 1 passes were steals in 4 preseason games. In the 4 season for the Vikings, the first started 36 games, which provided an experienced veteran for the wild horse. Simeon is the seven round show this year, and he hasn't passed a ball in NFL yet.

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