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The "PUMA as the new brand ambassador, Lewis is in the 24/7 marketing campaign promotional video shooting shine!" , PUMA global brand and marketing director Adam Adam (Petrick) said: "he has fully demonstrated the unique personal style and charming charm, perfectly deducing the spirit of 24/7 marketing campaign."The official website of NFL | Saggers crow don't want Manning Brady to talk again | football Baltimore team from the crow their four years of third American League finals only one step away, but the team inside the guard Terrell Saggers (Terrell Suggs) did not believe NFL crow alliance hopes to beat the new England patriots. Saggers did not explicitly give reasons, but the League more looking forward to Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and Payton Manning (Peyton Manning). The idea can be said to be known to all. We all know that the union hope that this dialogue (Manning vs Brad cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y). Saggers said: This is not only beneficial to TV ratings, but also allows sponsors to earn more money, but our crows are least confident. We need to take practical actions to upset some people's intentions. is not the first time that Saggers has expressed his dissatisfaction with the league. Two years ago, he suspected that NFL Goodell official, Roger Goodell, had deliberately cut off the 2012 Super Bowl competition between the crows and the 49 men of San Francisco.this edition is written by the newspaper in Beijing, Can develop a Chinese player like Yao Ming in the American Professional Football League (NFL)? Michael ·, general manager of NFL China on this issue, Stokes himself is not clear about how many times have it been. But for Liu Xiang's sports stars to appear on the rugby court, Stokes said for the first time: "if he wants, we will welcome it." orient Sports: how do you think about the promotion of American football through a popular singing combination and entertainment TV program? Stokes: American football is still relatively complicated for most Chinese audiences, and truly understanding is a process that must be popularized. This is exactly what we have been striving to do. May is a very popular band in China. There are a lot of fans. Among them, they are NFL fans. They are very interested in playing football. We took them to the United States and let them go through the scene. They are close like red, Aigo some teams, let them experience a strict football training, through their propaganda to introduce NFL and American football, we feel more affinity, so that we increase the movement understanding in a relaxed and fun. The other is to show them how to pass the tactics and signals in NFL matches, and give them a test to complete some specific tasks with this system. It is very ornamental and entertaining, and it can be linked to the ball game. We will show all the plot to you, and you can feel the charm of the sport at the time. Oriental Sports: "super wrist" entertainment sports program is still very fresh for Chinese audiences. What do you think is the most attractive part of this program? Stokes: you can learn a lot of things inside and outside the stadium, to understand the connotation of more NFL culture, such as the tail of the car before the party, cheerleading performances, the mascot of the university to add to the fun, football atmosphere, the NFL operation mode and so on. We want to have more and better understanding of the sport. We want to make it easier for Chinese fans to accept and understand it in one way, and this is a good thing to do. Oriental Sports: Yao Ming entered NBA, which has great influence on the development of Chinese basketball and the development of NBA in China. In NFL, will we see a Chinese player playing in the near future? Stokes: I am very confident about that. I believe that Chinese players can find their place in NFL. We certainly hope to enhance NFL's popularity in China and further promote this sport. Maybe you have some misunderstandings, think of the American style olive.even-even soccer equipment from January 5, 2015, Nike company and China association formed new partnership, become "Chinese team" equipment sponsor, until 2026. In the future, the 12 national teams under the Chinese Football Association will be armed with Nike equipment. The first official appearance of the new equipment will be the first match between China and Saudi Arabia in the January 10th Asian Cup group. The Chinese national team will formally replace the New Jersey in January 7th.

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