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The official website of NFL | before 49 coach Rodgers | secret why not choose football Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) is one of the best quarterback players in NFL in recent 11 years, but not in the first selection. It was chosen by the Green Bay Packers in twenty-fourth place instead of being selected by first people in San Francisco 49. then why is it? It is reported that 49 people prefer the peace and attitude of Eric Smith (Alex Smith), by contrast, Rodgers is a little proud. 49 coach Mike - Nolan (Mike Nolan) for Smith told reporters: our impression is a good boy, good people, a security check, and Rodgers is more proud, very confident, you will ask why not choose him, because the four best point guard always like this but we don't want to risk. Nolan also said 49 people did not love Rodgers's passing, he said: we do a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lot of investigation for his passing posture, Smith ball to do the analysis, we believe that Smith will be the long-term survival of people, now it seems we were wrong.Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) recently said that the Cincinnati tigers player Bo Faye Curt von Benitez (Vontaze Burfict) during the off-season in person to apologize, the reason is that the impact of the playoffs rude. Feng Benitez over the past few years, the most famous is his contempt for the Steelers, the 2016 season after Brown suffered a blow on the head for 3 game suspension treatment. the United States Sunday Steelers against the tigers, so this is why Brown was asked about the impact of the reason, Brown said: "he told me he did not want to cause any purpose is on my hand, just move the American football, you know this is American football game, all this is not what purpose and we play the game long enough you will receive several such impact, so you have to fight back, I'm looking forward to the weekend's game against the tigers." von Benitez was listed as the Steelers several number one enemy, but also because of his last season for the Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) the impact of malicious. said that if Brown has completely don't care what happened before this is not very accurate, Brown said: "I have no opinion to anyone, I am a football player, I am a game player, when we play we have to keep the competition between, this is not a personal problem, this is the game, I represent the Steelers, this is the business." ? , the Arizona Cardinals in the 2014 draft, in the third round win over John - Brown (John Brown), the young ball this season the amazing performance. The quarterback Palmer (Carson Palmer) is more admired for him, pointing out that Brown is the fastest player in the league. the three time this season, Brown has caused the opponent to interfere in the foul, the team won a penalty of 97 yards. Brown's 40 yard score on the side of the body is 4.34 seconds, and his highest running speed can reach 21.03 miles. At present, Brown has completed 33 receptions for 497 yards with 2 touchdowns. Palmer said: "he is an amazing player and can catch the 50 - to 50 chance ball. In the training camp we have been watching him grow up, he can run out a very resolute and decisive line, the ability to catch the ball is very strong. I think he's the fastest player in the league and I'm looking forward to seeing him growing up. " At present, Brown's partner Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) and Michael Freud (Michael Floyd) constitute one of the most competitive external players in the league.the United States on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys against the Philadelphia hawks, Dakota cowboy quarterback Preiss Court (Dak Prescott) - using this giant NFL stage in honor of his late mother. Preiss court's mother Peggy died in November 3, 2013, after she has been in colon cancer and struggle, Preiss court expressed the yearning and love of the mother with a pair of Adidas shoes. as the second grade quarterback, Preiss court last season to replace the injured Toni Romo (Tony Romo) after the outstanding performance, the team has become a stable starting quarterback, and rookie season led the team to the playoffs. But the current season's 5 - 4 cowboys are still on the brink of the playoffs.

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