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you don't have to tell Washington that everything is true, because of the bad performance of last season. in fact, in Friday's CNN sports broadcast the news, trying to restore the red fans for merchandise sales fell 35% impression, team spokesman Toni (Tony Wyllie) had made it clear that Washington's record of 2013 season was 3 wins and 13 losses. , he said, "bad performance on the field is the main reason for the decline of business profits. A season with 3 wins and 13 losses will not help sales. But we are trying hard to improve our sales, but it all depends on the first unveiling of the weekend. " for the fans, buy a red jersey for myself to enjoy the happiness, but the team's name for the team itself a great negative impact, a lot of people think the name offends them, which is more or less affected sales, this is a lot of teams for the 2013 season sales are down but not so outrageous red one reason. Matt Powell, an an cheap nfl jerseys free shipping alyst, said: "people have more than one idea when wearing clothes with signs or names, and the names of Red Skins make them think of racial discrimination." Powell said. actually such a drop in marketing has been very small for red skin. Since the sale of commodities, the total sales of NFL have increased by 3%, and the other 31 teams have been gaining, so the sale of red leather will not be too much game is always easy to get the highest ratings at the same time in the US, but the Atlanta hawk's match against New Orleans saints in the just ended Monday night games has created a new low. according to ESPN data, the game's ratings were only 5.7, which was 6.7 in 2007. 's ratings will not cause such a low people tired of Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) and Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan), or do not want to see the saints bad second-line defense, but because the same time Donald - Trump (Donald Trump) and Hilary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) president of the war start. reported that the presidential debate was 46.2, and the super bowl was 49 at the end of the year, and the gap was clear.The fate of the Oakland Raider was determined by the fate of the quarterback Drake Carle (Derek Carr). The game at the end of last season was a clear proof of this. but the future is bright for Carle, who had suffered a fracture of the fibula less than two months ago. Carle's teammates, Donald Penn (Donald Penn), offered exciting news when they took part in the official website. , "I texting Drake two days ago, asking him how he was and wanting to know his situation," he replied, "I almost recovered one hundred percent," Payne said. Drake Carle's brother, now the NFL David official's David Carle (David Carr) also participated in the program, and said, "I told you that he was 100% recovered, but you don't believe me, you have to ask Donald. He will have a great recovery. He is very good. I've started walking and exercising. He can't do anything for the bones, but he will return. He will have a complete offseason training, it was the best part." , considering that there were reports at the end of twelve, Carle was unlikely to come out if the Raiders entered the super bowl, so the news was not surprising. But the Raiders will be satisfied that everything is going smoothly. 3937 yards and 28 touchdowns 6 passes were steals last season Carle pass, led the Raiders 12 wins and 3 losses record. He will have very high expectations on his shoulder next season. ??????????|им???????????????????????????????????The official website of NFL | Kelly: Fowles also need more time | football despite the poor performance this week, Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) will still be able to play the quarterback with the Philadelphia hawk next week. Earlier, the media said the eagle was considering the immediate use of Nick Foles. Local time Monday, coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) denied the rumors, he said Fowles is still unable to determine when to return. , which is good news for Sanchez. In yesterday's closing Sunday night game, Sanchez came out for 2 times. Finally, the eagle was also defeated by the Dallas cowboy. The defeat was a shadow for the hawk's trip to the playoffs, and the team was in the middle of a retreat. In the game, Sanchez was flat and looked at a defender in the face of an aggressive cowboy. After missing several key passes, he was also questioned by the fans again. this season, Sanchez has made 7 appearances and won 4 of them. Although the playing style became more conservative, he still gave his opponent 9 copies. How to limit the error is still a top problem for Sanchez. But no matter how, because Fowles can only choose to return the balance, the eagle in the rest of the game continue to believe in Sanchez.

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