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According to Italy media calcioefinanza reported that in March 4th the San Siro stadium, AC Milan players will wear the armband printed with "Milan foundation" Jersey Derby, Jersey after the auction expenses will be donated to charity. derby has a special charm for all the fans in the city of Milan. In addition to the passion of the Derby itself, the game will deliver other important information. The Milan jerseys will be embroidered with the logo of the Milan foundation. After the match, these field jerseys will be signed by the players and auctioned by the European online charity platform CharityStars. Barbara - Berlusconi, the daughter of former Milan President Berlusconi, is the president of the present Milan foundation. auction revenues will be used to support the earthquake emergency fund, in September 2016, the central Italy earthquake, the worst hit town of amath cut. Milan fans have now donated more than 250 thousand euros, and all the mone cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y will be used for the reconstruction of the disaster area. in addition, in order to let the children in the disaster areas in the city in the process of reconstruction space play, Milan fund will still cut and hit the town surrounding amath built stadium.Jordi - Nelson (Jordy Nelson) was overshadowed by the season's injury season for the Green Bay Packers' offensive team to create a good season. when the most recent discussions around the young receivers can fill in the vacancy, receiver Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) said Tuesday that their role will not change a lot. "if we use the three external form, I'll probably stay inside," he said to ESPN. "If we use the double external form, I will obviously stay on the outside. It just depends on our tactics. We will rotate and use these tactics. We plan to take turns using these tactics this year, so I think our plan has not changed. We just find the players who can fill the gap and help us to finish the plan. " Cobb 5 feet and 10 inches in height so that slot is an ideal location for his flexible. According to the occupation football focus network data, 611 times the ball line running in last season's 25 year old Cobb in 537 is to start from the slot, this is all external hands up. In his 91 catches, 78 came from the slot, and 1101 of the 1287 yards of the ball number came from the slot. coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) recently in the formation of love only play a running back, a tight end, which makes three of 87.9% in Cobb took over in the formation of the time slot as a catcher play. Nelson's injury could force Mccarthy to use more different formations, which may lead to Cobb took over more and more frequently in the double outer lateral formation as a catcher. this season, Cobb will greatly depend on the quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) of the play, but he should still more exert their power in the slot.Philadelphia hawk's DeMarco Murray field performance is bad. Recently, because of the loss of hamstring, he had to miss the training in the US time on Wednesday. is now unable to determine the extent of the damage, but the eagle has signed a big 5 - year contract for 5 years in order to change him from the cowboy. Murray pushed 9 yards in the unveiling of 8 balls, and 13 times last week to advance 2 yards. It's hard to imagine that he was the king of the League last season.The run Fred Jackson (Fred Jackson) glory of buffalo Bill's career has come to an end. The team announced on Monday that they had cut the old man. Jackson has worked for Bill for ten years. Doug Wiley (Doug Whaley), the general manager of the team, said in a statement: "today, we make a hard decision to cut Fred Jackson. He has devoted an incredible career to the team for ten years. Jackson, 34, has been the main runner of the team in the past 8 seasons. When he played Bill, the best season was in 2009, when he led the team in the 1062 yards of the ball code number. He had punched the ball code for more than 900 yards in two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. He's in Bill's career in a total of 5646 rushing yards and 30 touchdowns, which made him very popular with the fans, and he is also one of the team captain. Bill surprised him, but Jackson's age and the annual salary of 2 million 350 thousand dollars made Bill decide to find another person. They didn't even ask Jackson to reduce their salary. He feels like by coach Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) typical players love, but Bill ran Wei Jackson liesle position overcrowding, Sean - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy), and Anthony - Dixon (Anthony Dixon), Brice Brown (Bryce Brown) - Williams and rookie Carlos (Karlos Williams) competition time. Jackson must have a chance to find a new job on another team. His presence is still better than a lot of young running guards, but Bill fans are sure he won't be able to wear other team shirts.

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