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Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) has not remembered the last time it was time to prepare for the new season in the summer. When asked about the plan, Manning said he was excited about not being able to play. Manning said, "I'm excited about the ability to plan my own fall freely. I haven't been able to do this for 22 years. " Although has retired, Manning's plan is still related to rugby. He will go to watch the University of Tennessee, and also go to the Denver wild horse. He will attend the Indianapolis Colts won 10th anniversary events, want to find some time to see his brother Eli Manning (Eli Manning) game. Manning said, "I want to see some of my brother's regular season games. Before I saw his super bowl, it was too intense, until the last moment, you couldn't breathe." Derek Jeter, a former Yankee player in New York, said after retirement: "I haven't gone to barbecue for 20 summers, and I want to have a good summer next summer", Derek. Maybe Manning will return to the world of professional football some day in the future, but now he can enjoy his life.The official website of NFL | Redskins coach said Griffin III has been extremely close | fo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping otball this season has been the Washington Redskins quarterback problems, thrilling win Monday night game red red, everyone looking forward to Robert - Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) as soon as possible to recover from injury, including the Redskins coach Jon Gruden (Jon Gruden). Griffin said in an interview on Tuesday: "I think he has been very close to the return. As soon as he is ready, we will send him to the team immediately. I think he has no problem physically, and the doctors are very optimistic that they are going to make the last look before we make a decision this week. I just hope to make sure he feels good when he's on the game. has a forced comeback fail warning, this time the red won't risk Griffin III is ahead of schedule, so this week, perhaps Griffin will not play. This is currently the starting quarterback colt Mccoy (Colt McCoy) may be the last chance, but his performance in the past two weeks have the ability to look at another team sit on the first position, so that he might not have been the first of this performance, so let him back to the bench maybe for him better, can make the other team impressed him less.this week the biggest news: Patriot reverse jet, Tom Brady occupation career wins 200 games! Then next Monday the game against the rams is likely to win 201 wins and become the first man in history. American media including domestic media certainly is the countless people flatter, indeed, as of twenty-first Century the greatest football player, not one, as if all the great words in his body are suitable, but not to a proper extent, Brady machine, is a real person, so he also has a variety of shortcomings. The United States well-known sports website b/r writer Geoff Perlman recently wrote an article "why everyone hates Brady? "I also agree with some points, how many people are there how many people hate Ai Brady brady. however, 200 wins, just tied the "enemies" and "rival" Payton - Manning wins, so this week's column to Zoupian Jian Feng, and Brady confrontational, chat a Brady counts between the story - provocative mocking. is the presence of provocative love Brady field and love with rivals, twitter and social ridiculed opponents, this is not a secret, the breakdown of his "crimes", it is to let a black cloth have teeth, cloth fans applauding. time: October 9, 2016 location: , Cleveland first energy field this season for fifth weeks, the race to the end of the third quarter, the Patriots 30 to 7 lead Brown, another away victory will look in the bag, I saw three 5 yards, Brady found targets are dead, then along the right ball break, Brown was eventually rushed to pass rookie Emanuel hit the sideline AGPA. Just place and fell to the ground in Brown bench all before him. And then, Brady excitedly made this position: this position you can call it "Boulter style", even China like martial arts novels in the "bow shoot eagle, but in any case name, at home, in front of each other to make the bench celebration, it is indeed difficult to crazy, the fans immediately donated to Shan Hu tsunami boos, and" Brady sucks. "Brady and I together taking also curious laugh. careful fans may find this season, fifth weeks, not just a game Brady lifted back? Indeed, it is can be lifted back to action? Imagine the background at that time, in the face of the Patriot league's worst opponent, leading 20 points, just a first attack on the arrogant to celebrate, and the high school football team also celebrate the wanton rout of primary school what is the difference? honey: first cloth just back excited to celebrate well, this action is completely extinguished the opponent's morale. Black: not even at least, as a giant star of the league. what is the real Brady? time: 1〉 January 2015war, the main Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Terrell Mcclain (Terrell McClain) is still suffering from the effects of ankle injuries. To this end, the cowboys from the emergency team sparring promoted another defensive tackle Ken Bissau Pu (Ken Bishop). Mcclain was included in the yesterday and the Green Bay Packers played a doubt in the list, and the current Cowboys defensive tackle number is not much, but Mike only Dilong - Crawford (Tyrone Crawford), Nick Hayden (Nick Hayden) only played two years and two ball Josh - Brent (Josh Brent). So the team made the decision in order to prevent the inadequacy of Mcclain's inability to fight. Bissau is this year's seventh round pick, before being put under the sparring team participated in 3 games this year, a total of two tackles made. In order to make room for Bissau, the cowboy team cut out the safety of Jakar Hamilton (Jakar).

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