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after offseason reinforcement, the Minnesota Vikings next season's highly anticipated performance. The players are also confident that one person is still in a difficult position. The attack cut forward Matt Kalil (Matt Kalil) was troubled by injuries last season, with a poor performance. At the moment, the problem seems to be with him longer. late on Wednesday local time, Carl received a double knee arthroscopy. As early as one month, Carl had a full examination of his knees. In March, he accepted the "God therapy". It takes advantage of the patient's own blood, through special treatment, and then extracts anti inflammatory growth factors from the blood and re injection into the patients' joints to produce steroid anti-inflammatory antibodies, so as to reduce chronic pain and delay the degradation. This operation is intended to further understand Carl's injuries and to give appropriate treatment. Viking aspect has recently decided to implement the team option fifth years Kalier contract, who was in his rookie season all star tackle occupation bowl need as soon as possible to overcome injuries, back to prove their value. In addition, the Vikings have decided to start looking for the replacement of Car cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l.chief in the 2016 season gave safety Eric - beliuga privilege label means Berri this offseason will become a free agent. but Berri is more likely to be able to sign a long contract with the chief, which is what the two party is discussing. "I hope so," Berri said. "My broker had talked to them about it yesterday." Chief can choose again to the beliuga label to make his exit from the free market and extend the contract negotiation time. The cost is less than $13 million, but it may cause problems in another frontline player. defensive tackle don Terry - wave will become a free agent to beliuga label means that if the chief does not want to let the wave into the open market, they must set a long-term contract and wave. The chief executive's salary cap space is estimated to be under 5 million dollars. Cutting Nick Fowles and Jamal Charles can make them earn nearly 17 million dollars in salary cap space. But the chief's first task must be to talk to the two defenders.tiger brothers, father and son soldiers. As the nation's first movement, the family is a major feature of NFL, in the league, there are many played for the team members of the family, even three generations have played a certain team. Blood legend, family honor, new generations of players, forge a NFL now flourishing. NFL is the most unique wonder of all the brothers and relatives all over the world. The 1 and the quarterback nurturance: the Manning family for most Chinese fans, the Manning family is the most familiar. Payton · Manning is perhaps the strongest quarterback in the Colts in the history, including the Broncos, he has achieved some success, but the honor for the quarterback, may have been unable to statistics: the regular season MVP, super bowl MVP, the 12 occupation bowl all star, 6 time NBA regular season best. The 4 regular season MVP, 6 American League year etc.. While the younger brother Eli although not so much honor, but the two super bowl MVP enough to let him become a future Hall of Famer, two times in the Super Bowl comeback victory over the new England Patriots to prove his heart. their father, Archie · Manning, although no sons so glamorous resume, but in the late 70s, is quite a good effect of the New Orleans saints quarterback, in 10 years, he was selected to two all star teams occupation bowl in the 1978 season, which is selected when the best season of all the Alliance team first team and the League of nations best offensive player. While he was in the University of Mississippi, he became a legendary figure in the University, and his No. 18 shirt had also been retired from University of Mississippi. 2. a seven Heroes: Mathews family NFL, a family called four eight football first family, this is the Mathews family. Mathews, a three generation of people in the NFL to leave a footprint, the first Daikelei · Mathews I worked as an offensive tackle in the San Francisco 49 team played 4 seasons. The second generation of the Cray · served as a linebacker; Matheus S in the League played 19 seasons, and four selected occupation bowl all star, three time all NBA first team, made 1561 tackles, 69.5 sacks and 16 steals. His brother Bruce · Mathews, Houston served as offensive tackle in oil, which is now the Tennessee Titans played 19 seasons, leaving 14 time NBA all star 10 times occupation bowl, a team of the best lineup, the 1999 season American League Championship team, as offensive tackle the most played record. The four son of Mathews II of is also a rugby player, one of the most famous is the Green Bay Packers defensive ace Cray · Mathews III, his three brothers, Casey · Mathews is currently the Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Kevin &middo〉.The official website of NFL | Seahawks cornerback Maxwell to test the free market | football Seattle Seahawks will face new problems of several key players at the end of the season, including cornerback Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell). ????????????????????????|3????????????????????????????????????? was asked if he was interested in trying the water market to win a higher contract. Maxwell said, "I am the most dazzling girl in the ball now. I am looking forward to test the free market, anyway, I love the Seahawks, hope to be here. But I was ready to leave. experts believe that the Seahawks Marx Maxwell extension to speak about, is probably not the team's true thoughts. Now it is difficult for Maxwell to provide the Seahawks a big contract can make the latter satisfactory. From the point of view of the players, the Seahawks are very optimistic about the Saro de Simon (Tharold Simon) have the ability to fill the void left after Marx Maxwell left vacant. If Maxwell flows into the free market, we believe that the corner guard, which is both defensive and capable of the slot, will attract the attention of many teams.

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