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even-even Germany Berlin Herta club football equipment network launched a special jersey for the team in 20 days this month with the Dortmund team this season German Cup semi-final, this is the first time in the history of the club to the semi-finals of the German Cup race for special ball clothing, the team has in this tournament the German Cup in more than four years does not appear in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. After for the team after a lapse of 1533 days to stand on the Olympic Stadium in Berlin this special shirt is the familiar blue, with Nike LASER II series Jersey based collar and cuffs with white trim. Below the left front of a shirt standing bear pattern, and the bear flag emblem from the city of Berlin, is a symbol of the whole of Berlin. Nike's Dri-FIT technology and grid technology will help to keep the players dry, increase the air permeability that the players need most, and let the play cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ers perform best.week night match Kansas Emirates team against the new England patriots in the game, the chiefs safety Hossain Abdullah (Husain Abdullah) in steals Patriots quarterback Tom Brady pass and return touchdown, as a devout Muslim, he with a Muslim prayer form in the end zone, but was the referee for violating the sports moral punishment threw yellow and fined the chiefs back 15 yards. The double standard of has triggered a series of concerns and angry voices, and it is believed that players should not be punished for praying. (when Tim Thibault in touchdown or - to win, as he was a devout Christian prayer, on one knee but did not throw too yellow. This leads to a series of statements that the punishment has religious bias and double standards. It is a fuel for the NFL who is already at the center of the controversy. Tuesday morning, NFL official responsible for the communication and dissemination of information (twitter) vice president Michael Siegel Norah is posted on twitter said Abdullah "should not be fined". Twitter text: "Abdullah should not be a foul, the referee should not kneel and pray players throw yellow." Although this is an unwritten exemption, but still let kneeling in prayer to "celebrate" from punishment. then Abdullah intercepted a Brady pass (his third interceptions), he return touchdown in the end zone and kneeling in prayer. When thrown yellow penalty after Abdullah and coach Andy Reed have not understood. Because of this prayer and throw the Yellow Banner approach is simply a disgrace, and because of religion, are more likely to be misunderstood or expand the influence. Obviously, the official statement of the League official on Tuesday was correct in dealing with this event.The official website of NFL | running back Murray is eager to continue to force | Eagles Rugby Philadelphia hawk run DeMarco Murray has not been able to continue the strong performance of last season. This week he was asked whether he would stay at the hawk in an interview. Murray's answer was very positive: "I want to stay here 100%" in Philadelphia. Murray had very few opportunities to compete with the new England patriots last week. It was reported that he had a conversation with the boss of the team after the match. Murray didn't need to make a big deal about it: it's just a dialogue between us. Can't I talk to the boss? Murray, 27, was in agreement with hawks on a 5 - year, $40 million contract in March this year. last week, Murray played only 14 stalls, less than team mate Darren Si Paule (Darren Sproles) and Ken Bana (Kenjon Barner) - rong. With the comeback of Ryan Mathews, how to arrange the time for the Hawks to run will be an interesting topic. The hawk's opponent this week will be buffalo Bill, and Murray is looking forward to getting more opportunities to prove himself.The official website of NFL | Lewis warned Beckham: your actions too | football at the end of Sunday's game not long after Lewis retired Baltimore crow linebacker ray (Ray Lewis) to Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) a warning. Lewis said, "brother, your behavior is overdone. Every act of your game is bad. There are many ways to fight back, but it shouldn't hurt your team's behavior, but it should be for the team. For before Beckham could face the threat, Lewis said: I am not satisfied with no one to stop him, if you see who lost control of active attack opponents remember to catch him, I remember that I once had, but my teammates immediately caught me and told me to calm down your brother lost my mind. now Beckham has been punished for a league match. related news: giant Beckham was banned by a giant

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