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, for Sean Phillips, who is just a veteran of Tennessee's Titan, has not spent too much time finding a new job for Shaun Phillips. On Wednesday local time, Indianapolis's Pony announced a contract with the outside guard Phillips. as a biography of Phillips in San Diego at hand, known as lightning. After leaving the lightning, he signed a year with the Denver wild horse. At the end of last season, Titan took him under a cheap contract. However, after 11 games, Phillips only completed 2 escapement and 12 grabs, and then was cut off by Titan. so far this season, the pony has completed a total of 28 escapement, which includes ninth of all the teams in the league. For the pony, who is determined to play a role in the playoffs, the stronger penetration will help them create more trouble for Tom Brady (Tom Brady) or Payton Manning (Peyton Manning). Phillips's experience will help the team to a certain ex cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tent. After the confirmation of the contract, the pony announced the disapproval of another line guard, Victor - Butler (Victor Butler).Dallas cowboy's 2016 season's runner candidate is a big problem. Recently, the cowboy and the former Washington red skinned runner Alfred Maurice (Alfred Morris) completed the 2 year contract. Maurice, 27 years old, was chosen by the red skin in 2012. The rookie season has completed 1613 yards of the ball, but after that season, the data has been declining. The 2013 season has completed 1275 yards, the 2014 season has completed 1074 yards, and the 2015 season has only completed 75 yards. And his per holding number dropped from 4.8 yards to 3.7 yards. after signing Maurice, cowboy can let Maurice and Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) to complete the offensive backcourt, Mike Faden finished the 2015 season for 1089 yards, so running back the problem was solved., Valenti (Terri Valenti) as a teenager he loves football, but she never thought that one day can work in the field of NFL, until 1999 she started the official NFL game related work. -- the new season will become the NFL's first official game video playback, is following the Sarah - Thomas (Sarah Thomas) and a full-time staff of NFL. Valenti said in an interview: "I don't know what this means. I don't know how long it will continue. What difficulties will I have in the future, but it's great to stand there." had the past 5 seasons in the NFL video playback services, including the Super Bowl in 2009, she also was United Football League, at the same time, high school, University and some different league games have her figure.In the women's national Softball Championship softball 2-1 Lectra Jiangsu champion Henan team pictured as the winner of the Henan team with the award guests The Henan team with the title of (map: China Softball Association) [view map] Beijing time on March 23rd, Nan Jing Xincheng 2011 National Women's Softball Championship is the final day of the match in Xishuangbanna city of Jinghong, the Henan team in the championship with 2-1 Lectra Jiangsu won the championship, Jiangsu team won the runner up, Guangdong team won the runner up. After the end of the single round robin, the Jiangsu team and Henan team with 7 wins and 1 losses record with 14 points, through the comparison between the outcome of the relationship between the Jiangsu team won the first round robin, the Henan team was second. In today's championship battle, Henan successfully topped the championship with 2-1 Nick last year national championships Jiangsu, and Jiangsu won the runner up. Guangdong and Beijing were 5, 2, and 10 points in the round robin match. In today's three or four competition, runner up Guangdong won 10-0 in 2010, the Beijing team ranked fourth, and 5-8 ranked matches. so far, the 2011 National Women's Softball Championship ranking of all announced: Henan team won the championship, Jiangsu team won the runner up, Guangdong team won the runner up, Beijing team ranked fourth, ranked No. 5-8 teams were Liaoning, Shanghai, Tianjin and Sichuan, the Liberation Army in ninth. (Liu Xiangqian) attached: 2011 National Women's softball Champions Cup competition results in March 23rd, 7-8 rankings Sichuan - Tianjin 8:9 Tianjin victory 5-6 rankings Liaoning - Shanghai 5:3 Liaoning - Guangdong - Beijing 10:0 Guangdong victory championship battle Jiangsu - Henan 1:2 Henan victory attached: National Women's softball champions league tournament in 2011, first place: Henan team second: Jiangsu third: Guangdong fourth: Beijing fifth: Liaoning 〉

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