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The bear team has a lot of problems to improve, and the performance of the special service group is obviously one of them. in German - Hester (Devin Hester), NFL history of the greatest return one of the hand, after a move to Atlanta falcons, bears the return level obviously decreased more than one grade. In the season second weeks before the season Thursday night game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the game, Eric Weems (Eric Weems) in the first quarter of a kickoff return occurred off the ball problem. this is the two consecutive week of error in the bear team. Last week against the Philadelphia hawks, Michael Spello grams (Michael Spurlock) in punt return occurred when miss (muff). In addition, they do not do well in preventing their opponents from returning to attack. The bears can be adjusted in the remaining two pre-season games. If the problem of the secret service team is not resolved, the bear team will be able to pay for it in the regular season.NFL????|????????????????????????íž???3?|????? Houston, Dezhou people in the 2012 draft of the first round pick Whitney Moshe Ruth (Whitney Mercilus) has been patiently waiting for him to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping grow to be a stable pass player. After continuing progress, the Dezhou people are ready to leave him in the team for a long time. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, reported that the team renewed 4 years with Mo Si Lu Si, the contract value is 26 million dollars, including 10 million 500 thousand dollar safeguard income. The Dezhou people later announced the news. although we don't think he is a steady hand Moxilu ball impact, in the past 3 seasons, a total of 18 sacks. In the third season he improved his performance against running and has many young people in Dezhou the outside linebacker position can be known. Last year's show champion Jed viand (Jadeveon Clowney) - clowney and this year's two round pick Bennadelike - Mckinney (Benardrick McKinney) will play an important role in the defence of Dezhou group, but the technical characteristics of each different. Mckinney will start his career from the interior position. 's renewal is not surprising, because Rick Smith, the general manager, has already mentioned that Moshe Ruth is the player that the team wants to leave in the rising period. Smith is also a team member. But no one has easily felt that the Dezhou people would agree to renew the contract because Moshe Ruth has been playing a lot since he entered the league. Similar to Kareem Jackson, another player in Dezhou's first round of selection, Kareem has overcome the bad first impression of Jackson.The official website of NFL | Vikings and safety Sander Huo continued for about 4 years | football the Minnesota Vikings and will soon become a free agent safety Andrew - Sangdehuo (Andrew Sendejo) signed a new contract. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, said the contract was worth $16 million for 4 years, according to people familiar with the news. The team coach Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) after the NFL test in the camp bluntly said he hoped the safety Harrison Smith to star (Harrison Smith) a better partner. I think if Harrison - Smith partners with a good player, we can make Harrison more influential, Zimmer said at the time. I think if he has a suitable partner, he can make a greater contribution. Sandeho first started 13 games last season, but it was bad. He ranked Seventy-eighth in 88 of the 786 players who scored on the professional rugby focus net. In contrast, Smith is the site ranked second safetys. despite him last season and Zimmer Frank evaluation indicated that the Vikings should find a better player, an annual salary of $4 million contract is the first safety level of the contract. The contract that Sandeho should be dominant in the starting position in the competition and may indicate that the Vikings would not pursue big safety. Rapoport noticed that the Vikings had with the Cincinnati tigers player free safety George - Yiluoka (George Iloka) together, he will be one of the safetys free agent market in the most popular. In the past few seasons, has been enough to serve as a substitute for the team and is the core of the special service team in the past few seasons. At the very least, if the Vikings are unable to upgrade the position in the free agent market, they can pick one in the draft.The official website of NFL | Blaine Biolek wave hope to get rid of the "glass" label | Rugby Tennessee Blaine Biolek Titan outside linebacker wave (Brian Orakpo) in the past three seasons due to injuries sustained muscle but only played in 24 games, so he was unfortunately hit the glass label. he naturally dislikes such a title. yes, I got the label, he said to ESPN. I have suffered a chest injury for two seasons in the last three seasons. I was very healthy before that. So I hate being put on such a label, because I've never been called that before. It was a bad feeling, but at the same time I wanted to get rid of the injury and go back to my condition before I got hurt. is ridiculous to criticize a player because it is not the direct cause of his own foolishness or foolishness. The same is true of the glass man label. During the critical 2012 to 2014 season, he still entered the career bowl as a candidate in the 2013 season. He has shown the ability to play a very high level of performance in his career. will not unfortunate injuries and alllike wave willing to return immediately in the pain of injury, he could have been considered as one of the league's top hand ball impact. On the contrary, the focus of his recent career is on injuries. If can keep healthy alllike wave in 2015, he might be able to change this view. He deserved it after 40 escapement in 4 healthy seasons.

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