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for Becker - Mayfield (Baker Mayfield), this year it is shibuguosan. from the University of Oklahoma quarterback in third Heisman award top five list, he ranked fourth in 2015 last year, in third place. In this vote, Jackson will last year winner Lamar (Lamar Jackson) and Staffordshire University running back Brice Le Fu (Bryce Love) separation two or three. Mayfield finally got 2398 points, 1300 points and 793 points from Jackson. Mayfield's 86% is the third highest after 1950. As the sixth winner of the University of Oklahoma, was regarded as the top candidate for the 2018 talent show. A University of Oklahoma Heisman winner Sam Bradford (Sam Braford) is the year of the draft. Mayfield led the school team to the 12 League three consecutive titles with a 12 - 1 record and will play the playoffs in the next month. This season, his 369 pass 262, 4340 yards and 41 array, only only 5 copies. For the ball, he rushed out of 310 and 5. He had played 386 yards, 3, and 31:16 to win the 10 league champion at the Ohio State University. In addition, it has also broken a single pass of his college career at 59 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 8 yards this year. , however, in the match with University of Kansas, Mayfield had been criticized for many times by the opponent's refusal to shake hands before the competition.The end of the game: by the end of eighth weeks, the fourth - quarter difference in 88 Games has been scored only 1 times this season, the largest year in the first eight weeks of the history of NFL. The Baltimore crows, the Detroit lions, the New York giants and the Washington red skin four teams have scored only 1 times in the fourth quarter of this year. , as of eighth weeks, there are only fourth scoring errors in 1 Games: season, eighth weeks, fourth points, 1 points, 201688201384200484 201083200782. also, by the end of eighth weeks, the final score of the 68 Games was less than or equal to eight, and the league has the most history. The final score of the eighth week end of the season is less than or equal to 8 points 201668201267199966 201065201564. excellent passing: the quarterback of eighth season in the 2016 season is also highly efficient. The completion rate of the League pass is 63.3%, which is expected to exceed the 63% of the 2015 regular season. Now the League - wide pass 90.4 is also the highest in the same period (2015 90.2), which is the league's seventh - year pass over the last year. League pass attempts at 7.24 F, since the Super Bowl second times high (2015 7.25). NFL history's highest total pass score: season pass score 2016* 90.42015 90.22014 88.92013 86.02012 85.62011 84.3 * as of eighth weeks great Carle: Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) from 513 yards, 4 touchdowns and 0 steals, helped the team to 30-24 overtime victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he is the third single game passing over 500 yards, scored 4 touchdowns and steals the quarterback, the other two are Hall of Famer Y.A.- bucket (Y.A. Tittle, October 1962 was a record of 28) and Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger, October 2014 26 on this record). Carle scored 513 yards in a single pass, which is also a record of his team's career. This is also a personal life, seventh games, more than 3 outgoing and not being cut off. It matches the most record of the 3 seasons in the 7 season of the first 7 season of the hall of fame, Dan Marino. a single field pass 500 yards, more than 4 players and no players to be cut off: the number of players passing the player passes the number of yards to count the number of cuts. Derek Carle Oakland Raiders 10/30/201〉.Although and two previous Super Bowls to meet a different, but Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) and Bill Bailey Cheik (Bill Belichick) and let their team with the opportunity to battle. Jacksonville Jaguars and new England Patriots will be 8.7-8.8 in Foxborough joint training, after the season at the Gillette stadium. "the opportunity to work together with the defending champions in the pre - season games will be of great benefit to our team." Jaguar manager Doug Marrone (Doug Marrone) said, "we are very grateful to coach Bailey Cheik's invitation." The Jaguar also announced that the two days of training would be open to the public. The Patriots had also invited the Dezhou people to train together, but did not get a response.The official website of NFL | Mustang receiver Saunders by a hamstring injury plagued | football Emanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) to a hamstring injury. the Denver Broncos took over the exon two has no training for nearly three months, he may have missed the entire preseason. coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) said he hoped Saunders could in the end face of San Francisco 49 people before the start of the new season in some light training. It would be surprising if he fought this game or the last game of the season. injuries are always frustrating, and the quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) says it is impossible to train with his main pass goals. Injuries are part of the game. Emanuel is a competitive player, he wants to play and wants to help players with a good performance this year. Obviously when he was healthy, I knew he would be out and I knew he would be ready to come. play fast and loose hamstring injury. Neither Mustang nor team reporters have expressed their fears about Saunders's inability to fight the first battle of the season. However, in learning a new offensive system, for Saunders, missed the pre-season game in may mean that they will become important when slow and could not find a state.

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