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The official website of NFL and J.J. w | meet wilfork daughter dream | football , I am the best dad in the world now. Houston, Vince Wilfork of Dezhou defensive front, smiles after training on Saturday. What kind of feat was winning the title? Let his daughter, Deist Ni (Destiny) meet with the defensive end forward J.J. watt (J.J. Watt). is one of the reasons why I came here because of my daughter, in the effectiveness of the new England patriots after the 11 season in the offseason to join the Dezhou people Weil Falk said. The only reason she said she would move here was that she had a chance to see Watt, and I said, 'yes,' I promised her a few months ago. Now I have made good on my promise. related reading: The 2 Beijing tigers baseball | Homer engulfed Jiangsu huge horse! Baseball League points lead bowling | Diego back, Jiangsu TV sports channel "challenge champion" is recorded in | Video: the Bund Longmarch Bowling bowling grand opening! |2017 men and Women Handball handball World Championships host | only cheap nfl jerseys free shipping European countries | pending bid for Chinese hand Co bowling | Chongqing honglink bowling alley in June 2016 third week tournament player Cui Jie 1348 points to win the hands curve! bowling |2016 national bowling championship in the northern section of the north, Jiangsu winning team champion | Shanghai the Bund Longmarch Bowling bowling bowling tomorrow officially opened! The official website of NFL | Aigo trading malette | backup quarterback football | China tour's first stop squash squash ended Wang Weicong Li Dongjin to win a The official website of NFL | Toni Luomoyin back briefly left | footballthe new England patriots win their fifth super bowl, but after the team for the team does not need to worry too much, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) still maintain a good competitive state, continues to lead the defense alliance, several free players only need to deal with is your contract. The team will be how to deal with free agent contract also can make nothing of it, but the team ran Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) said the initiative would like to stay in the 2017 season of patriots, he said: "I just want to make sure I can as a free agent once again return to England, I love this place, I love the culture here, I care of the players, and they are very close to me." patriots have never been a team that will work hard on the running problems. You can't even point out the depth of their run - out list. Because the performance of the substitute runner James White (James White) is worth the fifty-first Super Bowl MVP, while Dior Lewis (Dion Lewis) is the playoff killer.The official website of NFL | to deal with the second half of the game giants like | football playoffs The New York giants have already said they have to win every game in the future! from now on, every game is playoff for us. We must win. We have no way to go because the playoffs have already started. The defensive end of the team Jason - Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) vowed to say. indeed, some teams are going to face the ninth week of the watershed in a desperate manner. Of course, this is not strange for the giants, they nearly two trips to the super bowl is on the end of the season must be made straight and to the playoffs. The 3 - 4 - negative giant has lost two of the same zone rivals in the last two games - Dallas cowboys and Philadelphia hawks, who have been defeated. line Jamie Mcclain (Jameel McClain) said: nine weeks of attention, nine weeks of passion, we all have to, these nine weeks will be our entire season. We will tell the world who we are and how we will finish the season. We are going to win in the league. I have been ready to win nine weeks. We will never be satisfied by winning one or two games. but there is no doubt that the Monday night match against the Indianapolis pony will play an important role in the future of the giants.The official website of NFL | rams rookie first round for the first time to complete the occupation career | football Saint Louis ram's first round rookie Greg Robinson (Greg Robinson) finally completed her career first in the 49 matches with San Francisco. In the game, he served as the left guard, and was responsible for the location of the Safford Roger (Rodger Saffold) to adjust to the right, instead of four games in pass protection extremely struggling Dioan - Joseph (Davin Joseph). rams offensive coordinator Blaine Schottenheimer (Brian Schottenheimer) for the evaluation of good rookie: you can see his performance, this is very good, he is in progress. Last year, we recognized young players' growth time by some young players' performance. Especially for some children, they learned very little tactics in school. I still have to say it again. Greg will be a very, very good player in the league. Robinson was famous for his strong open skills during the University, and the Auburn University's demand for him is also the defensive frontline player to beat his opponent. These tactical arrangements have inadvertently affected the level of his pass protection, which makes him no longer a rule after entering the league. His weakness was also exposed in the pre - season.

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